Tuesday, May 30, 2017

TGD view about universal galactic rotation curves for spiral galaxies

The observed universality rotation curves for spiral galaxies is a challenge for TGD inspired model of galaxy formation. In TGD universality reduces to scaling invariance of the rotation curves natural since TGD Universe is quantum critical. The study of mini spiral galaxies supports the conclusion that they have a dark matter core of radius of few parsecs - 2-3 times the optical radius. This is a problem in the halo models. The simplest TGD based explanation is that galaxies correspond to knots or even spaghetti like tangles of long dark strings defining a kind of necklace containing galaxies as pearls. The model also suggests that dark matter core gives rise to Fermi bubble. Dark cosmic ray protons from supermassive galactic black hole containing dark matter would scatter from dark matter and some fraction of the produced dark photons would transform to ordinary ones. This would take place only inside the dark matter sphere and double sphere structure would be due to the fact that cosmic rays would not proceed far in galactic plane.

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