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Interpretation of the experiments of Montagnier et al

One can make the model of MB more detailed by applying it the experiments of Montagnier et al discussed already earlier from TGD viewpoint (see this). I have developed in collaboration with Peter Gariaev a model for analogous observations by this group (see this).

Consider first a very rough sketch of the experiments.

  1. A fragment of DNA was amplified by PCR. It was diluted to say 10-6 by adding pure water and found to generate EMS at ULF frequency range .5-3 kHz. Call this sample A.

  2. Dilution was put in mu-mental container, which does not allow ULF radiation to get out. In its vicinity another tube, call it B, containing pure water was placed. The water content of each tube was filtered through 450 nm and 20 nm filters. Filtering does not allow particles with size smaller than 20 nm to go through. The samples were diluted to 10-15 by adding pure water. During each dilution a mechanical agitation of water by generating a vortex was performed.

  3. Copper solenoid producing 7 Hz current was added around the samples. Eventually EMS was found in both A and B. In B there was primer, DNA polymerase, and free nucleotides but not the template complementary strand as in ordinary polymerase chain reaction.

The TGD interpretation for what happened in sample A would be following.
  1. As explained ordinary DNA strand is paired with dark DNA strand for which dark proton triplets at flux tube parallel to ordinary DNA strand represent the codons. This is analog of pairing of DNA strand and its conjugate.

  2. The cyclotron transitions of dark protons (possibly also those changing the direction of spin) generate the ULF radiation as classical em fields accompanied dark photons transformed to ordinary photons. The energies of dark photons are given by E= hgrf and should be above thermal energy at physiological temperatures. The transformations of dark photons to ordinary photons give rise to bio-photons with energies in visible and UV, and possibly also below this range.

  3. Dilution eliminated ordinary DNA from A but left some dark DNA strands to the water. This is nothing but the phantom DNA phenomenon discovered by Gariaev and collaborators. In case of water memory one has phantoms of bio-active molecules. I have applied TGD also to other experimental findings and ideas by Gariaev et al. In particular there are articles written in collaboration about the TGD realization of identification of DNA as hologram and about DNA remote replication analogous to what happens in Montagnier's experiments (see this).

  4. The interpretation of the agitation carried out also in the preparation of homeopathic remedies is that it provided metabolic energy needed to generate large heff. Quite generally, the energy of dark variant is larger than that of ordinary state: for instance, cyclotron energy is proportional to heff and atomic binding energies to 1/heff2 so that metabolic energy is needed.

    The analogy with ordinary DNA and the idea that DNA replication is a shadow of the replication of dark DNA suggests that dark DNA replicated and a population of dark DNA mimicking ordinary DNA was generated in the diluted water sample A. More generally, water would perform mimicry of bio-active molecule by using dark protons at its magnetic body to generate the cyclotron frequency spectrum of the molecule. An interesting possibility is that dark proton sequences - dark nuclei - perform this mimicry.

  5. The general model suggests that dark DNA generate transversal flux tubes at transversal sheets going through it. One could start by saying loosely that dark photon cyclotron radiation propagated along these flux tubes to the pure water sample, where there was flux tube receiving this radiation. But what the precise meaning of this statement could be, becomes more clear in the following.

What happened in the pure water sample?
  1. Dark photon radiation at ULF frequencies should have caused the generation of dark DNA strands also in pure water sample. The water in the pure water sample mimicked the dark photon radiation by the basic homeopathic mechanism and generated dark DNA strands with transversal flux tubes at transversal flux sheets carrying magnetic fields corresponding to the cyclotron frequencies of dark DNA nucleotides.

  2. Did a pairing of dark DNA in A and its conjugate in B analogous to the pairing of DNA and its conjugate take place? As in the ordinary DNA pairing the pairing would be favored by the minimization of interaction energy. The flux tubes connecting the members of the pair would be like stretched hydrogen bonds between DNA strand and its conjugate so that it would be very long, of order cyclotron wavelength of proton in the magnetic field of flux tube. TGD indeed predicts that hydrogen bonds have length spectrum corresponding to various values of heff. In this case however rather small values are involved. Now the values would be very large by heff=hgr.

  3. Did the transversal flux tubes attach to the dark DNA flux tubes directly and have length of the order of distance between samples? Or did the flux tubes from water sample combine to many-sheeted gravitational flux tube with length of the order of cyclotron frequency of proton? The latter option is favored.

    The dark photons assignable to the frequency range .5-3 kHz should have energies above thermal energy at physiological temperature in order to have physiological effects. This requires heff≥ 6× 1010: f=.5 kHz would correspond to a thermal energy of photon for most probable wavelength about 10 μm.

    A reasonable estimate for the length of the flux tubes involved comes from the cyclotron wavelength of proton. The cyclotron frequency .5-3.0 kHz for proton requires magnetic field about .3 -2.0 Gauss somewhat stronger than Bend=.2 Gauss (BE=.5 Gauss). The cyclotron wavelength would be in the range .1-.6 Mm (Earth radius is 6.4 Mm) so that the analogs of hydrogen bonds would be very long!

  4. The generation of ordinary DNA strands in this sample would have been by the analog of DNA - dark DNA pairing that should occur in standard biology. The DNA fragment in pure water sample was reproduced as if the complementary strand would have been present.

  5. As already explained, the dark protons are at single sheeted ordinary flux tubes accompanying DNA. ngr flux tubes from various positions would combine ngr-sheeted flux tube with same M4 projection as ordinary flux tube: they were on top of each other in M4× CP2. Why the protons deserved to be called dark is that the proton sequences at ngr separate flux tubes form single quantum coherent many-proton states somewhat analogous to Bose-Einstein condensate. Cyclotron energy is therefore naturally ngr times the cyclotron energy of single state. This is essentially quantum non-locality made possible by the locality at the gravitational flux tube quantum controlling the system. Also dark photons having ngr-fold energy non-local many-photon states with one photon at each flux tube with same energy and momentum.

  6. Also 7 Hz frequency is necessary for the effect to occur. A natural guess is that this frequency is related to Schumann resonances (see this), which are associated with collective oscillations in the Earth's magnetic field in the cavity bounded by Earth's surface and ionosphere in which em waves cannot propagate. Schumann resonances dominate the frequency spectrum from 3 Hz to 60 Hz - a considerable part of EEG - and there are distinct peaks at frequencies resonance 7.81, 14.3, 20.8, 27.3 and 33.8 Hz.

    In the linear model Schumann resonances treating atmosphere as vacuum Schumann resonance frequencies fn= (n(n+1))1/2c/2π RE are determined by the geometry alone with lowest resonance at 7.41 Hz for RE= 6371 km. The finite conductivity of atmosphere lowers the propagation velocity of light and the frequencies are reduced. This can bring the resonance frequency 7.81 Hz nearer to 7 Hz, and there is of course also the continuum besides the resonance peaks.

    In TGD picture the quasi-continuum would relate to the many-sheetedness of the space-time surface making it possible for light to propagate along large number of flux tube paths so that the effective light-velocity would vary. A more precise model give also a resonance at 4.11 Hz. This resonance frequency however varies due to the several factors.

    The interpretation of Schumann resonances 7.81, 14.3, 20.8, 27.3 and 33.8 Hz and higher resonances as resonance frequencies of EEG is highly attractive. At higher frequencies the resonances appear approximately with 6.5 Hz intervals. Next resonance would be at 40.3 Hz, which is the familiar thalamo-cortical resonance frequency to which consciousness was once assigned. 8:th partial wave has resonance frequency 60 Hz which happens to be the frequency appearing in the experiments of Li and Heroux. 4 Hz frequency in turn is theta resonance frequency in EEG.

    This supports the view that water entrains to Schumann frequencies by tuning to cyclotron frequencies by varying the thickness of flux tubes of its MB so that the coupling of living matter to the oscillations of Earth's magnetic field would play fundamental role in biology and neuroscience. The testable prediction is the correlation of EEG with the local Schumann resonance spectrum of Earth independent of individual.

    Dr. Phil Callahan claims on basis of intensive experimental work that there is a tendency of political strifes and wars to concentrate on regions where Schumann resonances are weak. In the proposed picture this would not be surprising. The reduction in the level of consciousness would imply strifes and wars at the level of society and cancer at the level of cell community.

For details see the article Could Cancer be a Disease of Magnetic Body? by Dana Flavin and me or alternatively the chapter of "Biosystems as Conscious holograms" with the same title.

For a summary of earlier postings see Latest progress in TGD.

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