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Understanding the dark magnetic bodies of biomolecules: concrete view about bio-quantum coherence

In previous posting I told about a model of cancer identifying it as a disease of magnetic body (MB) basically MB of water containing charged particles characterizing living matter.

The model for how cancer could be seen as a disease of magnetic body (MB) hardly mentions biochemistry or even cell membrane. Basically a disease of MB of water would be in question. Water of course contains basic ions, biomolecules, and cells and the cyclotron frequencies and masses of ions affect the detailed anatomy of MB. If MB is indeed the boss and biochemistry is mere shadow dynamics. The implications are not restricted to cancer but also other diseases.

The basic cure would be analogous to homeopathy. Irradiate water with the frequencies crucial for communication to and control by MB so that the lost frequencies are re-established.

This is achieved because MB entrains to external frequencies by varying the thickness of its "body parts", flux tubes. MB is like living radio set able to tune itself. This can also lead to problems when some important frequency is tuned to some frequency near it and MB goes out of synch. The negative health effects of the mobile phones (also cancer) might be due this kind of distraction of MB's attention from biological body to the frequencies produce by phone.

This led also to a second flux of big ideas due to a more precise vision about the anatomy of MB. Flux tubes from identical basic units (cells, DNA, identical proteins, etc) combine to from many-sheeted flux tube so that the incoming flux tubes have same M^4 projection being on top of each other in CP_2 direction! This super cable is like umbilical chord! The structures form a Bose-Einstein condensate in abstract topological sense.

This opens fascinating possibilities in understanding of dark DNA which is one of the basic notions of TGD inspired biology.

  1. Cells have identical DNAs. Earlier I have assumed that magnetic flux sheets go through DNA in transversal direction and that dark DNA in some sense is sequence of dark proton triplets associated with flux tubes. Furthermore, DNA transcription requires that there are transversal flux tubes emerging from codons or perhaps even nucleotides. A lot of flux tubes!

    How to combine these views together with new view about combination of the DNAs flux tube to larger superstructure, one DNA from each cell in structure?

  2. For single DNA each codon would correspond to 3-proton units organized linearly into a sequence. Each 3-proton unit must have a flux tube transversal flux to DNA strand and located at 2-D sheet. This brings in mind the structure of spine as anatomical and neurobiological analogy. This suggests that dark DNA codons formed by 3-proton units should be associated with these horizontal flux tubes in 2-D locally planar surface going through DNA.

  3. These structures from ngr= hgr/h0 = heff/h0 separate cells should combine to single ngr-sheeted gravitational flux tube with sheets on top of each other with same M4 projection. This would be dark DNA at the level of MB. It would seem that given codon of each DNA must contribute a dark proton triplet so that there would be ngr dark proton triplets at given flux tube which is however very long. The size scale - that is the length of the flux tube - is that of Earth typically and fixed by the cyclotron wave length

    This would give a concrete topological meaning to quantum quantum coherence at the level of MB of bio-system. Also a view about how lower level conscious entities integrate to larger ones. Same should apply to other basic biological structures: cells, proteins, RNA, tRA. Dark realization of the genetic code predicts the dark variants of these biomolecules.

This raises a long series of questions.

  1. How do DNA and its conjugate relate at this level: do DNA and conjugate correspond to single closed long flux tube forming part of the "umbical chord" far from biological body?

  2. What replication of DNA could mean topologically at the level of this super-DNA? What about description of transcription and translation at these super-levels. Are the ordinary replication, etc.. induced from this super level as mere shadow processes: this would explain their mysterious coherence?

  3. What sexual reproduction and associated recombination of chromosomes could mean at super level? What does the growth of organisms mean at super level? Addition of new sheets to super DNA and its variants so that n_gr = number of basic units grows and organism becomes more and more quantum intelligent?

Fantastic challenges for visual imagination!

For details see the article Could Cancer be a Disease of Magnetic Body? by Dana Flavin and me or alternatively the chapter of "Biosystems as Conscious holograms" with the same title.

For a summary of earlier postings see Latest progress in TGD.

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