Saturday, June 15, 2019

Super-symmetry in TGD Universe

It is now clear that SUSY is realized in TGD Universe but that the realization is very different from that in super-symmetric quantum field theories. The question how to realize super-field formalism at the level of H=M4× CP2 led to a dramatic progress in the identification of elementary particles and SUSY dynamics.

This picture simplifies dramatically the view about particle spectrum and scattering amplitudes. The most surprising outcome was the possibility to interpret leptons and corresponding neutrinos as local 3-quark composites with quantum numbers of anti-proton and anti-neutron. Leptons belong to the same super-multiplet as quarks and are antiparticles of neutron and proton as far quantum numbers are consided. One implication is the understanding of matter-antimatter asymmetry.

Also bosons can be interpreted as local composites of quark and anti-quark. Hadrons and hadronic gluons would still correspond to the analog of monopole phase in QFTs. Homology charge would appear as space-time correlate for color at space-time level and explain color confinement. Also color octet variants of weak bosons, Higgs, and Higgs like particle and the predicted new pseudo-scalar are predicted. They could explain the successes of conserved vector current hypothesis (CVC) and partially conserved axial current hypothesis (PCAC).

See the article Super-symmetry in in TGD Universe or the chapter TGD view about McKay Correspondence, ADE Hierarchy, Inclusions of Hyperfinite Factors, SUSY, and Twistors.

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