Tuesday, March 02, 2021

TGD based interpretation for the strange findings of Eric Reiter

I learned of rather interesting findings  claimed by Eric Reiter hosting  a public group " A serious challenge to quantum mechanics" (see this). There is a published article (see this) about  the behavior of gamma-rays emitted by heavy nuclei going through two detectors in tandem.

Quantum theory predicts that only one detector fires. It is however found that both detectors fire with the  same  pulse height and firings are causally related. The pulse height  depends on wavelength and distance between the source and detector and also on  the chemistry of the source, which does not conform with the assumption that nuclear physics and chemistry decouple from each other.    Reiter has made analogous experiments also with alpha particles with the same conclusion. These findings pose a challenge for TGD, and in this article a TGD based model for the findings is developed. 

See the article TGD based intepretations for the strange findings of Eric Reiter.

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