Monday, July 19, 2021

Possible implications of the TGD based model of superconductivity

The universality of the TGD based model of superconductivity provides support for rather far-reaching earlier speculations.
  1. The TGD inspired model suggests that SC could be possible also above Tc by using energy feed providing the energy needed to increase the value of heff. This would be the basic role of metabolism. This could have far reaching technological consequences and also profound implications concerning the creation of artificial life.

    Furthermore, the TGD based model for "cold fusion" \cite{cfagain,krivit,proposal} led to a reformulation of nuclear physics \cite{darkcore} in which phase transition to dark phase of nuclei has a key role also in the ordinary nuclear reactions as a description of tunnelling phenomenon.

  2. In the TGD inspired quantum biology, the cell membrane is identified as a generalized Josephson junction between superconductors assignable to lipid layers of the cell membrane (actually decomposing in a better resolution to membrane proteins acting as Josephson junctions). One can ask what a straightforward application of the basic formulas gives in the case of neuronal membrane.

    One can estimate the gap energy \Delta from the formula \Delta = ℏ ωD using the already discussed formula ωD = kn cs/a, where kn depends on the effective dimension of the lattice like system and has values kn ∈ {3.14,3.54,2.66} for n=1,2,3. Sound velocity cs can be replaced with the conduction velocity v of nerve pulses varying in the range v/c\in[.1,1]\times 106. The formula would give for n=2 and maximal value v/c=10-6 ED= .044 eV which is in the range of neuronal membrane potentials.

  3. The role of ℏgr and Bend in the model would suggest that the SC observed in laboratories is not a mere local condensed matter phenomenon. What happens to SC on Mars? Is the Earth mass replaced with that of Mars and the monopole part Bend with its value in Mars? There is evidence that Bend is non-vanishing: for instance, Mars has auroras.
  4. If the monopole flux tube indeed mediates graviton exchanges, one can wonder whether SC itself is an essentially quantum gravitational phenomenon. Could the attractive interaction between electrons of the Cooper pair be somehow due to gravitation?

    The extremely weak direct gravitational interaction between electrons and nucleons cannot be responsible for the formation of Cooper pairs. One can however argue that Earth takes the role of atomic nuclei in the proposed description. Earth attracts the electrons and causes an effective attraction between them. Could this interaction force the wave functions of the electrons of the Cooper pair with wavelength \Lambdagr= rS=2GM\simeq 9 mm to overlap and form a quantum coherent state. For Sun one has \Lambdagr= 1 Mm, which is slightly below Earth radius. Could Sun's gravitation make the macroscopic quantum phase in the Earth's scale?

    The proposed duality between gauge theories and gravitation, in particular AdS/CFT duality, has a TGD counterpart. The dynamics for the orbits of partonic 2-surfaces and lower-dimensional surface defining a frame for the space-time surface as an analog of soap film \cite{minimal} would be dual to the dynamics in the interior of the space-time surfaces.

    Could the descriptions in terms of cyclotron photon exchanges and graviton exchanges be dual to each other? Note also that at the fundamental level classical TGD are expressible using only 4 classical field-like variables as a selected subset of imbedding space coordinates. This implies extremely strong constraints between fundamental interactions.

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