Monday, March 07, 2022

TGD view about water memory and the notion of morphogenetic field

Besides general problems, which might be regarded as philosophical, the anomalies of the physicalistic world view have served as the source of inspiration. Several poorly understood phenomena have played a central role in the "Poiroting-like" process leading to the development of TGD based views about quantum biology. Mention only the effects of ELF em fields on vertebrate brain, biophotons, water memory, Pollack effect, and Comorosan effect. The notion of syntropy by Fantappie, which challenges the belief that the arrow of time is not always the same in living systems, has been also inspiring.

In this article I will discuss the TGD based vision and the above listed phenomena, which are often forgotten. I will also compare the TGD based view with the proposed interpretation of morphogenetic field as em field generated by DNA and realizing genetic code discussed in the articles of Savelev et al, and compare it with the TGD based models of genetic code realized in terms of dark nucleons and dark photons. The findings described in these articles and in the articles of Yolene Thomas about water memory also provide new tests for the TGD based view. As always, this kind of process led to some new ideas and insights.

See the article TGD view about water memory and the notion of morphogenetic field or the chapter with the same title.

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