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Metabolism involves also the gravitational field of Sun

In the TGD inspired quantum biology framework, both the magnetic and gravitational fields of Earth are essential.

Quantum gravitation in the TGD sense is an essential element of metabolism and involves gigantic gravitational Planck constant making quantum coherence possible at the magnetic body. The metabolic energy quantum has upper bound given roughly by the gravitational potential energy at the surface of Earth and is thus proportional the mass of dark proton associated with gravitational hydrogen bond or the mass of dark electron Cooper pairs associated with the valence bond of mental with H2O2. Since dark protons and electrons are delocalized in a very long scale, hydrogen is effectively negatively charged as the metal positively charged.

What about the role of the solar gravitational field?

  1. What determines the scale of metabolic energy quantum in quantum gravitational metabolism, is the ratio rs/R of Schwartschild radius rs =GM to the size R of the planet, or perhaps even the size of a large water blob. If the blob corresponds to a flux tube spaghetti, its mass M could be roughly proportional to R: M= kR. Therefore the ratio rs/R= k would be roughly constant and the same as for Earth. Astrophysics could favor life if this is the case.
  2. The values of k/kEarth are (.14,.86,1,0.04,.20,28.4,10.1,3.6) for (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturnus, Uranus). At the surface of the Sun, k/kEarth protonic metabolic energy quantum is below .61× 103 so that the solar metabolic energy at the surface of Sun quantum would be about .31 keV: this is below the threshold for the nuclear fusion and near the temperature of about .23 keV of solar corona. For dark electron Cooper the upper bound is .61 eV and corresponds to the temperature at photosphere.
  3. The temperature of the photosphere corresponds to photon energy of .4-.6 eV, which corresponds to the metabolic energy quantum associated with the Earth's gravitational flux tubes. This is hardly an accident: the IR thermal radiation from photosphere could serve as a metabolic energy source.
  4. At the distance of the Earth , the upper bound for the solar metabolic energy quantum would be about 3.5 eV, 7 times higher than the metabolic quantum of .5 eV and corresponds to UV energy just above the visible spectrum. This suggests that in photosynthesis solar radiation kicks protons to solar gravitational flux tubes and corona radiation to Earthly gravitational flux tubes. In metabolism the solar part of dark gravitational energy for protons would be transformed to ordinary metabolic quanta. This picture would be true for all Sun-like stars and for planets at the distance of Earth and supports the view that Earth-like planets for Sun-like stars are favourable for life.
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