Thursday, August 04, 2022

Antipodal duality and TGD

The so called antipodal duality has received considerable attention. The calculations of Dixon et al based on the earlier calculations of Goncharow et al suggests a new kind of duality relating color and electroweak interactions. The calculations lead to an explicit formula for the loop contributions to the 6-gluon scattering amplitude in N=4 SUSY. The new duality and relates 6-gluon amplitude for the forward scattering to a 3-gluon form factor of stress tensor analogous to a quantum field describing a scalar particle. This amplitude can be identified as a contribution to the scattering amplitude h+g→ g+g at the soft limit when the stress tensor particle scatters in forward direction. The result is somewhat mysterious since in the standard model strong and electroweak interactions are completely separate.

In TGD, there are indeed quite a number of pieces of evidence for this kind of duality but the possibility that only electroweak or color interactions could provide a full description of scattering amplitudes. The number-theoretical view of TGD could however come into rescue.

See the article Antipodal duality and TGD or the chapter About TGD counterparts of twistor amplitudes.

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