Monday, August 22, 2022

TGD view of Krebs cycle

This article was inspired by the YouTube video (see this) in which biologist Nick Lane talked of Krebs cycle, also known as citric acid cycle. The title of the video was "How the Krebs cycle powers life and death?".

Krebs cycle is central in the metabolism of animal cells, liberating metabolic energy from glucose and leading to the emergence of the basic building blocks of fundamental biomolecules. Lane talks also of the reverse Krebs cycle appearing in photosynthesis. Lane proposes a vision of how life could have evolved from in-organic chemistry in thermal vents. Lane emphasizes the importance of charge separation at the level of the cell and even at the level of Earth.

The objections against Lane's view give a good motivation for developing a TGD based view about Krebs cycle. This view is based on some basic ideas of TGD inspired quantum biology. In particular the zero energy ontology (ZEO) in which Krebs cycle and its reversal could be seen as time reversal of each other at the control level; the quantum gravitational view of metabolism and evolution of life; the TGD inspired view about how Pollack effect induces charge separations leading also to a view of genetic code, which at fundamental level would be realized in terms of both dark proton and dark photon triplets; and the TGD proposal for what happened in Cambrian explosion in which oxygenated oceans and highly developed multicellulars emerged apparently out of nowhere.

The discussion leads to a more precise view of metabolism before the Cambrian explosion, according to which the dark photons generated by the Earth's core would have provided the photons for photosynthesis in underground oceans and led to their oxygenation.

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