Thursday, January 26, 2023

New results about causal diamonds from the TGD view point of view

I found two interesting results related to the notion of causal diamond (CD) playing a central role in quantum TGD. One interpretation is as a quantization volume and the second interpretation is as a geometric representation of the perceptive field of conscious entity. CDs can be said to define the backbone of the "world of classical worlds" (WCW) central for quantum TGD.

For these reasons it is interesting to ask the precise mathematical definition of the moduli space of CDs. TGD suggests a definition as the semidirect product D⋊ P/SO(3) of scaling group and Poincare group divided by SO(3) subgroup leaving the CD invariant: this gives 8-D space. The definition that inspired this article is based on conformal group and gives also 8-D space SO(2,4)/SO(1,3)\times SO(1,1). The metric signature is (4,4) for both spaces and they could be identical. These definitions are compared and one can consider the conditions under which both identification can give rise to representations of the Poincare group as expected with the scaling group reduced to a discrete subgroup.

Second result relates to the finding that special conformal transformations in the time direction defined by CD leave CD invariant. The corresponding hyperbolic flows correspond to a motion with constant acceleration to which the so-called Unruh effect is associated. One can consider an SL(2,R) algebra assignable to a conformal quantum mechanics and assign a hyperbolic time evolution operator to this flow. The conformal 2-point functions associated with this operator correspond to thermal partition functions with thermal mass defined by the temperature which is essentially the inverse of the CD scale.

Holography does not allow us to consider these flows for the space-time surfaces insid CD but the action of the hyperbolic evolution operator on quantum states at the boundaries of CD is well-defined. This raises interesting questions related to TGD inspired consciousness, where subsequent scalings of CD in state function reductions (SFRs) give rise to the correlation of subjective time and geometric time defined as the distance between the tips of CD. The SFRs associated with the hyperbolic time evolution operator would not affect CD and would correspond to "timeless" state of consciousness.

See the article New results about causal diamonds from the TGD view point of view or the chapter with the same title.

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