Wednesday, January 04, 2023

Expanding Earth Hypothesis and Pre-Cambrian Earth

Some questions led to a development of a more detailed TGD version of the Expanding Earth hypothesis explaining Cambrian Explosion (CE). A more detailed view of the pre-Cambrian biology, geology, and thermal evolution emerges and one can relate it to the standard view. This involves topics like faint Sun paradox, the mechanism of Great Oxygenation Event, understanding the TGD counterparts of supercontinents Rodinia and Pannotia preceding CE, snowball Earth, and CE that led to a sudden emergence of highly advanced multicellulars.

Also a more detailed view of what happened in the Cambrian explosion induced by the increase of the radius of Earth by factor 2 emerges (in the TGD Universe, a smooth continuous cosmological expansion is replaced with a sequence of short lasting and fast expansions). One ends up with a detailed model for the phase transition leading to the increase of the Earth radius.

This phase transition requires a considerable energy feed provided by the phase transition thickening monopole flux tubes of the magnetic body of Earth and liberating energy. The analogy with the recent Mars pre-Cambrian Earth had a solid core analogous to the inner core. In the phase transition to a liquid outer core with much larger volume. Part of the newly formed outer core could in turn have transformed to form a part of the mantle increasing its thickness.

See the article Expanding Earth Hypothesis and Pre-Cambrian Earth or the chapter Quantum gravitation and quantum biology in TGD Universe.

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