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What topics are allowed for a decent finnish stargazer?

I wrote yesterday a comment to the blog article by Syksy Räsänen, which appeared at the page of Ursa, an organization of finnish stargazers. The blog article of Räsänen is in finnish (see this). The comment was on the question whether standard model could be much more than people have though hitherto. Here is my comment which was originally in finnish:

"I made this question for 43 years ago. I asked whether standard model symmetries are much more profound that we have imagined. I also answered the question. The geometry of complex projective space CP2 codes for the gauge symmetries, quantum numbers, and classical gauge fields if space-times are 4-D surfaces in 8-D embedding space M4× CP2 at the fundamental level .

TGD generalized string model 7 years before its breakthgouh 1984. 2-D world sheet of string became 4-D space-time surface. Iy was possible to avoid the horrors of spontaneous compactivitation and brane world: as we know they eventually led to the collapse of superstring empire.

TGD also provided a solution to the energy problem of general relativity, which in turn closely relates to the failure of the quantization of general relativity. The lost Poincare incariance of general relativity is lifted to Poincare invariance at the level of H=M4× CP2. This gives back the basic conservation laws. Colleagues still refuse to take TGD seriously. Could the time be ripe for using common sense. The funding agencies get nervous when no heurekas have been heard from the workshops of theoreticians for half century."

I could have added also the following lines of text demonstrating that CP2 is unique also for mathematical reasons.

  1. CP2 follows by M8-M4× CP2 duality from the number theoretic vision dual to geometric vision of physcs (geometrization of entire quantum theory). In number theoretical vision, complexified M8 corresponds to complexified octonions. Associativity is the number theoretical counterpart of variational principle. Color SU(3) corresponds to SU(3) subgroup of octonionic automorphisms.
  2. M4 and CP2 are the only 4-D manifolds that allow twistor space with Kaehler structure so that TGD is unique. Twistorialization of TGD means geometrization of also twistor fields as 6-D surfaces in the product of twistor spaces T(M4) and T(CP2) and relies on 6-D Kähler action having as preferred extremals 6-D surfaces having interpretation as the twistor space of space-time surface (S2 bundle structure induced from T(M4)×T(CP2)).
It was not surprising that Syksy Räsänen did not publish comment but expressed strong words of caution suggesting that I my critical comment was hate speech. Anyone can decide whether this is the case. It was also encouraged the decent participants should make only questions about starry sky, space, and star hobby. I admit that my comment did not satisfy the latter criterion.

Reader can wonder what might be the real reason for the censorship? Last 40 years after the publication of my thesis 1982 (maded possible by very positive referee statement by Wheeler), I have been on blacklist in Finland (no financial support, no research jobs). At this moment I can however relax: I was right.

The censorship has now badly failed and references to TGD appear on daily basis from several reaseach fields. The reason is that in the TGD framework quantum measurement theory extends to a theory of consciousness and cognition having quantum biology as an application. Most of finnish colleagues are however strangely silent and censorship continues.

TGD can be found at my homepage and most of the material have been published in the journals founded by Huping Hu.

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