Friday, December 16, 2022

How do AdS/CFT- and TGD based holographic dualities relate?

The article "Traversable wormhole dynamics on a quantum processor" by Jafferis et al published in Nature received a lot of media attention. My original reaction was due to frustration caused by the media hype. What was done was a quantum computer simulation of the so-called SYK (Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev) model proposing AdS/CFT duality for a particular condensed matter system.

The attempts to understand what is involved soon led to a realization that since TGD predicts the analog of AdS/CFT holographic duality, the quantum computational aspects of the experiment should be understandable also using the holographic duality of TGD. This raises the question whether can one translate the notions of AdS holography to TGD holography. In particular, what could be the TGD counterparts for the notions of wormhole and negative energy shock waves needed to stabilize the wormhole. This article deals with these kinds of questions and leads to a rather detailed view of TGD based holography.

See the article How do AdS/CFT- and TGD based holographic dualities relate? or the chapter with the same title.

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