Friday, March 03, 2023

A TGD Inspired Model for Solar Flares

Solar flares involving mass eruptions accompany sunspots and the reversal of the magnetic polarity of the solar magnetic field. The models however have several problems. For instance, it is believed that reconnections of magnetic field lines are essential for the process but the prediction for the rate of the process is by 13-14 orders of magnitude too low.

The TGD view of space-time provides a new view of electromagnetic fields based on the notion of a field body. Dark matter as phases of ordinary matter with a large value of effective Planck constant is the second new idea and zero energy ontology provides a third new ingredient. The recent advances in the understanding of the formation of astrophysical structures in the TGD framework inspire the attempt to understand the structure of the solar magnetic field and its dynamics involving solar cycle, solar flares, reconnections and reversal of the solar magnetic field.

See the article A TGD Inspired Model for Solar Flares or the chapter Magnetic Bubbles in TGD Universe: Part II.

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