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Water at Earth is older than Sun

It has been found that water at Earth is older than the Sun (see this). By looking at the water on protostar V883 Orion, at a distance of 1,305 light-years from Earth, scientists found a "probable link" between the water in the interstellar medium and the water in our solar system. Water molecules in Orion have a similar deuterium-to-hydrogen ratio that in the solar system. That likely means our water is billions of years older than the sun. The finding is analogous with the finding that some stars and galaxies are older than the Universe.

A possible TGD based explanation for the observation that water at Earth is older than the Sun could be based on zero energy ontology (ZEO) forming the basis of the TGD based quantum measurement theory solving the basic paradox of quantum measurement theory.

  1. In ZEO, the arrow of geometric time changes in the ordinary state function reduction, which means that systems live forth and back in geometric time. By this forth and back motion, the evolutionary age of the system is different from the temporal distance from its moment of birth. This explains the existence of stars and galaxies older than the Universe and could also explain why the water at Earth is older than the Sun.
  2. In the TGD based quantum biology water is a living system in the sense that it is characterized by a large value of effective Planck constant (second basic difference from standard quantum theory) implying long quantum coherence scales. This makes the geometric duration of a life in a given time direction long and therefore increases the evolutionary age of water. In living matter, Pollack effect occurs at physiological temperatures and means a formation of phase of water with effective stoic
  3. The evolutionary age for water on Earth could be longer than for water in the Sun since the environment is different. Earthly environment makes the phase transitions producing the fourth phase of water discovered by Pollack. It has effective stoichiometry H1.5O and has properties suggesting the change of the arrow of time. These phase transitions occur at the physiological temperature range.

    At physiological temperatures the phase transitions changing the arrow of time could take more often and the life cycle with a given arrow of time would last longer. This is so because the magnetic body of water, carrying dark protons, makes it a macroscopic quantum system. The periods with a reversed arrow of time have been much longer (larger heff is the essential reason). Therefore the water on Earth could be older in the evolutionary sense.

There is however an objection against the idea.
  1. The TGD view of the formation of planetary systems predicts that planets are formed in explosions throwing matter from the Sun. The water on Earth should therefore originate from the Sun or from the protostar Sun.
  2. There is indeed evidence against the idea that water on Earth originates from melted meteorites: they are now known to be extremely dry. This leaves non-melted meteorites, chondrites, as one particular option (see this).
  3. There is also evidence for water in the Sun from Nasa (see this)! There is even a proposal that the water on Earth might have arrived from the Sun (see this)!

    The idea about the presence of water in the Sun looks insane in the standard physics framework but in the TGD Universe the water molecules could reside at the monopole flux tubes of the magnetic body of the Sun.

How can the water on Earth be older than the Sun if it originates from the Sun? The simplest answer is that also the water in the Sun is much older than the Sun.
  1. This is possible in the TGD view of the formation of stellar systems (see this and this) and would conform with the findings, which led to the proposal that water to solar system has migrated from say Orion. Now this is not needed.
  2. First the analog of "cold fusion" would have led to the formation of protostar at much lower temperature but already produced dark analogs of nuclei as dark proton sequences, which would have spontaneously transformed to ordinary nuclei and liberated essentially all nuclear binding energy. This would have led to the formation of water molecules already before the ordinary nuclear fusion started. This prestellar history would be universal and the same in the protostar Orion and in the protostar Sun. For this option, ZEO is not necessary and it would conform with the findings. Of course, the water in living matter could be evolutionarily much older than the water elsewhere in the solar system.
See the article Magnetic Bubbles in TGD Universe: Part I or chapter with the same title.

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