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Strange co-incidences related to gravitational Planck constants, basic biorhythms, membrane potential and metabolic energy quantum

It is becoming clear that the gravitational quantum coherence is central for life on Earth. The hierarchy of Planck constants heff=nh0 involves special values, in particular gravitational Planck constants ℏeff= ℏgr= GMm/β0, where M is a large mass (say mass of Sun or Earth) and m is small mass (say mass of electron or proton) and β0= v0/c≤ 1 is velocity parameter, are of key importance for living matter. Particles with a different value of ℏgr correspond to different gravitational flux tubes and the value of β0 can depend on the particle.

There are several amazing numerical co-incidences supporting this view.

  1. For Sun one has β0∼ 2-11 which happens to be rather near to the electron proton mass ratio me/mp. The condition ℏgr(MS,mp0(Sun)∼ me/mp)=ℏgr(MS,me0= 1) would guarantee resonance between dark photons generated by the solar gravitational flux tubes assignable to protons and electrons.

  2. In accordance with Equivalence Principle, the gravitational Compton length ℏgr(MS0)/m= GM/β0= rS/2β0 is independent of m for Sun GMS0(Sun) is rather near to Earth radius. For Earth one has GMS0(Earth)∼ .45 cm which corresponds to the size scale of the somewhat mysterious snowflake analogous to a zoom-up of a basic hexagonal unit cell of ice crystal. There is evidence for β0(Earth)=1 in hydrodynamics, in particular from the TGD based model (see chapter) for the observed hydrodynamical quantum analogs described in an article of Bush et al (see this and this))

  3. The gravitational Compton length of the galactic blackhole assuming mas 4.1×106 M(Sun)corresponds to 6× 109 m and rather precisely 1/2 of the n=1 Bohr orbit associated with the Sun. Note that the radius of the photosphere is 6.957 × 108 meters and is not equal to Bohr radius as I errratically claimed earlier. This suggests gravitational quantum coherence in the scale of the galaxy.
The following decribes some additional strange coincidences. It would be very natural if the basic biorhythms defined by the duration Td=24 hours of day and the duration of year Ty= 365 days would correspond to energies of dark photons E=ℏgrf, which are biologically significant energies. The potential energy eVc∼ .05 eV associated with the cell membrane defines Josephson energy in the TGD inspired model of cell membrane. Metabolic energy currency with the nominal value of .5 eV is second important energy. Could the periods of fundamental bio-rhythms, fundamental biological energies, and the gravitational Planck constants for Sun and Earth correlate?

The above assumptions imply that one has β0(Sun)/β0(Earth)∼ me/mp and hgr(Sun,me)/hgr(Earth,mp) ∼ M(Sun)/M(Earth). The value of Sun-Earth mass ratio is MS/ME∼ 6× 105.

  1. The corresponding frequency corresponding to the basic biorhythm Td=24 is fd= 1/Gd=1/24 hours= [1/(2.4×3.6)]10-6∼ 1.1 × 10-6 s. The corresponding Josephson energy would be E(ℏgr(Sun,me),fd) ∼ .06 eV= EJ. This is very near to the Josephson energy EJ for cell membrane potential!
  2. For Ty= 1 year = 365 days one has E(ℏgr(Sun,mp),f= 1/Ty) ∼ (mp/me)×(24 ~hours/year)× EJ∼ (211/365)EJ∼ .33 eV. This is not far from the value of the metabolic energy currency near to .5 eV. If one replaces proton with a Cooper pair of protons, the situation improves considerably.
See the article Comparison of Orch-OR hypothesis with the TGD point of view or the chapter with the same title. For a summary of earlier postings see Latest progress in TGD.

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