Tuesday, July 25, 2023

A revolution in lithium-sulphur battery technology?

The recent accidental discovery could revolutionize battery technology. The so-called γ-sulphur is a phase of sulphur that stops the degradation of lithium-sulphur batteries and this could give electric vehicles a range of thousands of kilometers. In this article a proposal for the mechanism explaining the stability of γ-sulphur in lithium batteries is proposed.

A basic mystery of electrolysis is that the electric field between electrodes is quite too weak to explain the ionization, A TGD based model based on the TGD view of Pollack effect and its generalization explains why the ionization can happen in electrolyte. The implications of the Pollack effect for "cold fusion", nuclear physics and prestellar evolution are discussed. Cell membrane and DNA are negatively charged and also here Pollack effect and its possible generalization would play a key role.

See the article A revolution in lithium-sulphur battery technology? or the chapter TGD and condensed matter.

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