Saturday, July 15, 2023

"Cyclic Universe Wrong And Something Terrifying Happened Before Big Bang", says Roger Penrose

"Cyclic Universe Wrong And Something Terrifying Happened Before Big Bang", says Roger Penrose (see this). That Penrose says this is remarkable since Cyclic Universe is a brainchild of Penrose himself.

It seems that the time is ripe for the TGD (Topological GeometroDynamics) based cosmology. Or must we wait for another 45 years? TGD not only explains dark matter and dark energy but also provides a solution to the various paradoxes produced by the observations of the James Webb telescope (see this and this) and recently discovered gravitational hum (see this) .

Galaxies older than the Universe can be understood in zero energy ontology in which ordinary state function reduction changes the arrow of time. TGD predicts state function reductions even in astrophysical scales. Astrophysical objects live forth and back in geometric time and can look much older than their temporal position in cosmology allows. Paradoxically, the stars youngest in standard sense are oldest in the sense of developmental age.

The extreme brightness can be also understood. Cosmic strings/monopole flux tubes form a fractal hierarchy of cosmic networks having astrophysical objects as nodes and radiation can arrive along the flux tubes and is very intense.

This network also explains gravitational hum as diffraction of gravitational radiation in tessellations of hyperbolic 3-space (realization is as mass shell and cosmic time= constant hyperboloid) having stars as nodes (see this). This implies quantum coherent amplification (amplitude is proportional to N>2 rather than N, N the number of the points of tessellation). Radiation is also concentrated on beams along flux tubes.

For more about TGD based astrophysics see this and this).

For a summary of earlier postings see Latest progress in TGD.


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You linked to a youtube video which is just a random guy lying about Roger ever saying anything about not believing his own theory. He never said anything of the sort, if you had thought to verify your sources... and calling me mentally ill when you've just cut-n-pasted abstract nonsense about tesselations for the last two decades? good one