Monday, May 30, 2011

150 GeV bump seems to be real!

The 150 GeV bump reported by CDF seems to be real! Jester reports in Resonaances that new data conform with 4.8 confidence level that the bump is really there. Only .2 sigmas to a discovery. The slides are here.

I have told in two postings about the TGD based interpretation of 150 GeV bump in terms of a neutral pion of M89 hadron physics: see this and this. Wjj would result from a decay of charged ρ or p-adic octave of ground state pion with mass slightly below 300 GeV and the mechanism would be the same as in the case of tau-pion production explaining the two and half year CDF anomaly and also the DAMA observations and DAMA-Xenon100 discrepancy. If charged pion rather than ρ is in question, it would appear with mass twice the ground state mass of pion: this would be allowed by p-adic length scale hypothesis. A competing standard explanation is in terms of Z' boson which is leptophobic meaning that it prefers to decay to quarks. This is of course extremely un-natural for a particle analogous to weak boson. For the hadrons of a scaled up variant of hadron physics leptophoby is however the tell-tale signature.

TGD predicts entire hadron spectroscopy in TeV scale and also other bumps have been already detected. The bumps found by CDF and D0 at 325 GeV (see the earlier posting) might have interpretation in terms of kaon of M89 hadron physics (see this). This would require large CP or even CPT breaking about .2 GeV and a large 4 GeV breaking for top mass meaning CPT breaking has been reported (see the earlier posting).

The puzzling situation in dark matter searches and the two and half year old CDF anomaly find common explanation in terms of tau-hadron hypothesis (leptons are predicted to have colored excitations in TGD Universe), which is dark in TGD sense meaning that it has non-standard value of Planck constant. Furthermore, the Pamela anomaly suggests an interpretation in terms of electro-pion with standard value of Planck constant and having mass of about 500 GeV. Essentially the same explanation would apply also to the M89 pion if the recent slight evidence about mother resonance slightly below 300 GeV decaying to W boson and resonance slightly below 150 GeV turns out to solid.

To explain this anomaly in standard approaches one must introduce leptophilic particles preferring to decay to leptons with constituents having long range interaction most naturally identifiable as electromagnetic interaction: the irony is that this interaction is in conflict with the very notion of darkness. Also the emergence of particles suffering all kinds of -philies and -phobies is a clear signature that something is badly wrong in the standard theoretical framework. The ability of the theory to cure these -phobies and -philies by assuming p-adic length scale hypothesis and new view about color predicting hierarchies of new physics is also a signature of something.

It seems that several hadron and leptohadron physics are revealing themselves for those who are mature to see them;-)! Maturity requires the readiness to accept p-adic fractality instead of stubborn sticking to the belief that physics involves only single fundamental length scale. A profound modification of the naive reductionism as a reduction of everything to shorter and shorter length scales to fractal reductionism is necessary.

This is really great time for TGD. A long list of anomalies finds a beautiful explanation in TGD framework and LHC will produce new fascinating findings allowing to test the predictions. Of course, it still takes a years before we can open a bottle of champaigne. And this only within family. Decades will be required before we can invite colleagues to celebrate TGD;-).

Addition: ATLAS and CMS have not seen the CDF bump but according to Sean Carroll the probable reason is that they do not have enough data yet. D0 will probably also tell something in the near future.

For background see the chapter New Particle Physics Predicted by TGD: I of "p-Adic Length Scale Hypothesis and Dark Matter Hierarchy".


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Dark matter hierarchy.

Finally a signal that actually grows. And what a signal?

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Ervin Goldfain said...


I must say that I am a bit surprised about your confidence on the nature of the Wjj bump. It is only fair to say that the CDF data alone cannot be used to decide if what is seen represents a systematic detector artifact or a genuine BSM signal. Further analysis from both D0 and LHC is needed to settle this issue. Concluding that this bump corresponds to a new particle (such as Z’, a quark-lepton composite, resonance, a high energy replica of WIMP’s and so on) is likely to be premature at this point.


Ervin said...

I have never claimed that I blindly believe that Wjj bump exists. 4.8 sigma is however 4.8 sigma and if I can rely on statistical methods of experimentalists there are reasons for optimism.

As far explanations are considered TGD based explanation is very probably the only one which is a real prediction rather than ad hoc model making various kind off assumptions about -phobies and -philies.

I have a theory which has predicted fractal copies of hadron physics and similar hierarchy of leptohadron physics for 15 years from first principles and the evidence has been steadily accumulating during these years as anomalies. I cannot deny that this increases my confidence on these bumps and TGD based explanation of them. said...

The developments during last half year have been rather dramatic and shattered profoundly the prevailing beliefs about what to expect at LHC. The situation seems to be especially difficult for Lubos as his reactions to my comments bringing in mind 7 year old child demonstrate, Some time ago he banned me from this blog as I requested him to give justifications for his claim that I am a crackpot.

His reaction to my latest brief comment giving a link to my own posting (see this) was again a pathetic attempt to give me a label of crackpot.

Hitherto I have taken Lubos seriously as a theoretician: perhaps too hardwired to be creative but knowing the basics quite well and respecting logic and empirical facts. I have tried to forget the impressive amount of nonsense he has written about things outside physics.

I have been however forced to change my judgements about Lubos. Lubos has not been able to grow from a narcissistic wunderkind to an adult. His childish personal vanity makes for him very difficult to make realistic judgements and real communications with him are not possible.

Maybe the finnish ice hockey trainer was right when he said that to become a good ice hockey player you must become a good human being.