Thursday, January 20, 2011

DNA Decipher Journal is launched

Huping Hu - see & - has done a wonderful favor for those scientists able to represent new visions about physics, biology, consciousness, and also the spiritual aspects of existence by founding four journals dedicated to these issues.

I had given long time ago given up the attempts to publish anything about TGD in so called respected journals. Then I was asked to do this in a journal, which is rapidly gaining respectability. For an outsider it is not perhaps not easy to what this meant for me personally. I enjoy again the basic right of scientist- to publish the fruits of the life work, which has required total devotion and lasted already for more than three decades in my own case! It seems that science as a genuine exploration continues despite the degeneration of most of the academic research to mere career building.

The fourth journal in the series is DNA Decipher Journal devovted to issues related to biology. DNA Decipher Journal has just published its Inaugural Issue entitled "Decipherment of the Secrets of DNA" to be found at

Also I have the honor to contribute articles to the inaugural issue.

  • Two articles are devoted to the model of DNA as topological quantum computer based on the braiding of magnetic flux tubes connecting DNA nucleotides and lipids of nuclear and cell membranes.

  • There is a commentary of the dramatic findings of Montagnier group about water memory in terms of TGD based model of water memory and the three exotic representations of genetic code suggested by TGD. The findings allow to see the representations of the codes as necessary parts of a bigger structure involving the interaction of visible and dark matter.

  • There is also an article together with Peter Gariaev about how DNA could be able to generate holograms. If the proposed interpretation is correct, it is possible to photograph the magnetic body of DNA sample containing dark matter identified as phases with large value of Planck constant.

The table of contents is below.

DNA Decipher Journal Vol 1, No 1 (2011): Inaugural Issue: Decipherment of the Secrets of DNA

Table of Contents


Decipherment of the Secrets of DNA
Huping Hu, Maoxin Wu


Principles of Linguistic-Wave Genetics
Peter Gariaev, Mark J. Friedman, Ekaterina A. Leonova-Gariaeva

DNA as Basis for Quantum Biocomputer
Peter Gariaev, Peter J. Marcer, Katherine A. Leonova-Gariaeva, Uwe Kaempf, Valeriy D. Artjukh

Model for the Findings about Hologram Generating Properties of DNA
Peter Gariaev, Matti Pitkanen

The Tree of Life: Tangled Roots and Sexy Shoots: Tracing the genetic pathway from the first Eukaryotes to Homo sapiens
Chris King

DNA as Topological Quantum Computer: Part I
Matti Pitkanen

DNA as Topological Quantum Computer: Part II
Matti Pitkanen


DNA & Water Memory: Comments on Montagnier Group s Recent Findings
Matti Pitkanen


Ulla said...

The day has come
when he left the home?

He was as a spoiled child
as a little guckoo bird
he took everything
more and more

Let him fly over the world
let his wings be strong
his voice loud
his eyes bright
and his feathers splendid
so beautiful
it takes the breath away
of anyone who looks at him
like an eagle up in the sky.

The price has been tremendous
I would not have done it
hardly anyone else
but I know
you had to.

You look at him
so proud, so happy
your 'son'
your treasure beyond the rainbow

They took your heart away
like theefs
have you found it yet
is your soul healed
so you can sing
of glory.

The very best.

Ulla said...

One thing. An error in the headings.

Matti Pitkänen said...

Thank you. Also for the poem.