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What EEG sounds like?

TGD view about living matter and brain suggests a possible connection with dark photons and sound. Dark cyclotron photons are central in TGD inspired mnodel of living matter (see this). I have asked whether also the notion of dark sound could make sense: dark sounds would correspond to oscillations of dark matter and magnetic flux tubes.

A rather stringent variant of dark photon idea is that dark cyclotron photons have universal cyclotron energy spectrum (see this). This follows from the proportionality of heff to the mass of the charged particle. This in turn follows from the condition heff =hgr= GMm/v0 (v0 has dimensions of velocity) having the interpretation that electromagnetic Planck constant equals to gravitational Planck constant so that same flux tubes can mediate gravitational and electromagnetic interactions (dark photons and gravitons). Note that both gravitational and em Compton lengths would be independent of mass of the particle: something essential for macroscopic quantum coherence of different particles. Some experimental input obtained by taking seriously the claim that the observed slightly too large mass of electron Cooper pair in measurements involving magnetic field (see this) is due to a gigantic gravimagnetic London moment proportional to h2 is due to to the replacement h→ heff. Dark cyclotron photons would have energies in biophoton range (visible and UV energies corresponding to energy range for excitations of biomolecules) and would thus having biological effects and optimal for biocontrol by magnetic body and communication of sensory input to magnetic body.

Piezoelectric effect suggests a transformation of to ordinary sound waves with low frequencies (see this). A bunch of ordinary phonons (h_eff= n×h) with low energy could be created from single dark photon. Could this transformation be involved with a transformation of visual percepts to auditory percepts in association areas of brain and with a production of virtual sensory input as feedback from auditory areas to ears using dark photons from brain or magnetic body through brain propagating to ear and transformed to bunches of phonons with the same low frequency.

Then comes the question. Has anyone tested what EEG sounds like!? Phase information is lost in EEG power spectrum so that testing requires additional information -probably crucial for the information content - but one could try to get some idea about this. What is remarkable that the part of EEG present during wake-up state corresponds to the sound frequencies is above 10 Hz and we aso hear consciously frequencies above 10-20 Hz! The scientific contents bill of century: EEG in sounds sounds like internal speech!;-)

A little notice: Science Daily reports about experimental search of XMASS collaboration excluding the possibility that super-weakly interacting particles constitute all dark matter. This is also a further blow against standard SUSY. Maybe time is ripe for a serious reconsideration of the simplistic idea about dark matter as some exotic particle. And maybe the ideas about the nature of SUSY might need some updating.


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Something you may find, at the very least humorous. The Mayan Winaq May Kin, or Long Count, tracks a cycle with T=5200 Mayan years or approximately 5125 Gregorian years; these are known as Suns. The Fourth Sun, which was completed on 12/21/2012 (1+2+2+1+2+0+1+2 = 11) at 11:11 p.m., was dominated by “male energy” and its element was water (this is the source of all of the flood myths from mythology, the flood correlates to the beginning of the Fourth Sun). The Fifth Sun is characterized by Harmonic Convergence or a balance between feminine and masculine energies; its element is ether and it is the end of time. By the end of time the Mayans are speaking of subjective time; this relates to enlightenment on a global or, more precisely I believe, a galactic scale.

Recently, within the last few months, I’ve had a string of super-synchronous events unfold in my world. One such string led me to a website dedicated to the idea that we’re simulations living in a simulated environment and one of the papers on the site was an article from Physics World magazine, “Symbols of Power” ( The article was written by theoretical physicist, James Gates (, who works with SUSY.

Dr. Gates and his team use geometrical structures called adinkras ( to represent complex systems of “super” differential SUSY equations which are manipulated through this elaborate folding process. In order to maintain the equations’ SUSY properties throughout the folding process they use binary codes and the process “happens to correspond to the simplest member of the family containing the check-sum extended Hamming code.” The relevant bit string for maintaining SUSY is 1111!

So a couple of days after reading this fascinating article, a blog I follow posts a post about Yakov Sinai winning the Abel Prize for his work with, amongst other things, non-linear differential equations, algorithmic complexity, and binary codes. Comments on the blog evolved into speculation about the mechanism responsible for the universal behavior often exhibited by disparate non-linear systems during phase transitions; I interjected that perhaps it had something to do with algorithmic complexity and binary codes and linked to the Gates article.

Considering this another synchronicity in the chain, I was reminded of a quote I had read but couldn’t quite remember. So I googled an approximation of the quote and what the freak do I find: the 11:11 phenomenon ( (! And of course I found the damn quote I was looking for: “If synchronicity is when the Universe notices you noticing it, twilight language is how it says ‘hello there!’ immediately after. It is the sound of the wheel when somebody spins somewhere” (

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According to the ancient mythologies, the wheel is spun by the World Tree at the center of our galaxy; the Mayan long count, the Hindu yugas, the Buddhist Kalachakra, all tell of it and its various assorted phase transitions. And according to Jose Arguelles, who conducted many successful Psi experiments with the Russian scientists at ISRICA, humans have some kind of receiver in their lower torso which receives and processes information streaming from the center of the Milky Way (see his book, The Mayan Factor). Perhaps 1111 is the signature of the World Tree emerging from the collective unconscious, information of some sort received and processed by collective humanity, a “Symbol of Power.” Whatever the case may be, I’m rather certain we’re in the midst of a phase transition – from Solar to Harmonic Convergence, Father dominance to Yab/Yum, the dawn of a new cycle . . .

Could this not represent a “quantum jump” on some Planck constant scale, an iteration in the equation generating the Big Book? Does the number 1111 or 11:11 have any significance in TGD theory? I’m just curious . . .

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Matti, do you know about the book Moonshine Beyond the Monster by Terry Gannon? said...

To Stephen,

thank you for the links. Unfortunately I have reached the age where there is no energy for luxuries like reading articles about 10-D super-gravity or about Moonshine and Monster! I have more than enough to do with TGD. I have also started to waste my time to music and crosswords during weekends. It is wonderful to do something totally useless and know it!

It is said that theorists reach sooner or later reach the age when they stop reading books and start to write books themselves. For me this clearly has happened.

Thanks in any case.

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"We were the first to show that the correct ratios of mRNAs are actively maintained by the actual activity or voltage of the cell, and not chemical feedback," Schulz said. "These results represent a novel aspect of regulation that might be useful for developing therapeutics for neuronal disorders later."

Schulz' study, "Activity-dependent feedback regulates correlated ion channel mRNA levels in single identified motor neurons," was published in the August 18th edition of Current Biology.

Regarding the supergravity link, i thought that was the link you intended to reach in the snippet from your blog post this comment corresponds to "electron Cooper pair in measurements involving magnetic field (see this) is due to a gigantic g"

the "this" link is broken, you might want to check that

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