Friday, August 14, 2015

About quantum measurement and quantum computation in TGD Universe

During years I have been thinking how quantum computation could be carried out in TGD Universe (see this). There are considerable deviations from the standard view. Zero Energy Ontology (ZEO), weak form of NMP dictating the dynamics of state function reduction, negentropic entanglement (NE), and hierarchy of Planck constants define the basic differences between TGD based and standard quantum measurement theory. TGD suggests also the importance of topological quantum computation (TQC) like processes with braids represented as magnetic flux tubes/strings along them.

The natural question that popped in my mind was how NMP and Zero Energy Ontology (ZEO) could affect the existing view about TQC. The outcome was a more precise view about TQC. The basic observation is that the phase transition to dark matter phase reduces dramatically the noise affecting quantum quits. This together with robustness of braiding as TQC program raises excellent hopes about TQC in TGD Universe. The restriction to negentropic space-like entanglement (NE) defined by a unitary matrix is something new but does not seem to have any fatal consequences as the study of Shor's algorithm shows.

NMP strongly suggests that when a pair of systems - the ends of braid - suffer state function reduction, the NE must be transferred somehow from the system. How? The model for quantum teleportation allows to identify a possible mechanism allowing to achieve this. This mechanism could be fundamental mechanism of information transfer also in living matter and phosphorylation could represent the transfer of NE according to this mechanism: the transfer of metabolic energy would be at deeper level transfer of negentropy. Quantum measurements could be actually seen as transfer of negentropy at deeper level.

For details see the chapter Negentropy Maximization Principleor the article Quantum Measurement and Quantum Computation in TGD Universe

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