Thursday, August 06, 2015

More Precise TGD Based View about Quantum Biology and Prebiotic Evolution

In this work I try to clarify the relation of the basic notions of TGD and of TGD inspired biology to the ordinary bio-chemistry. I also try to improve my understanding about work of Fröhlich, Del Giudice, and Pollack using the notions of TGD. The key idea is the notion of coherence induced by weak em fields with preferred frequencies, which in ordinary quantum theory correspond to energies much below the thermal energy in quantum theory - this creates what is called kT paradox.

In TGD framework one can do without coherence regions (one could perhaps identify them as special cases of Pollacks EZs), which can be much larger. The basic observation is that for a pair of hydrogen bonded water molecules the reaction 2H2O→ H3O2- + dark proton require UV photon with energy of O-H bond of about 5.15 eV. Quantum criticality suggests that this process should occur spontaneously as a chain reaction. This is achieved in the same manner as in nuclear fusion if the dark protons at the flux tube fused to nuclear strings giving rise to dark nuclei. Their transformation back to ordinary nuclei could at least partially explain the evidence for bio-transmutations. Also the relation to cold fusion is interesting.

Dark nuclear binding energy is liberated as dark gamma rays decaying into bunches of ordinary photons inducing further reactions 2H2O→ H3O2- + dark proton also other kind of dark ionizations. If the size of EZs varies from about 1 micron to 100 microns and if the size scale of EZ corresponds to the wavelength of dark gamma photon heff/h varies in the range 106 -108. This would be the total number of dark photons resulting in the decay to ordinary photons.

In this process ordinary protons transform dark protons at magnetic flux tubes outside EZ. Dark ionization differs from ordinary ionization only in that the proton is dark. The difference between dark and ordinary ionization would define the borderline between ordinary and bio-chemistry (or dark chemistry). Chemical quantum criticality is possible also for other cations and also anions and all biologically important ions can appear as dark ions.

The Urey-Miller experiment was very successful: it produced a large variety of amino-acids crucial for life from simple basic constituents. The variant of this experiment has even produced adenosine, DNA nucleotide fundamental for ATP. There is however a severe problem. The prebiotic atmosphere was not reducing as in the Urey-Miller experiment simulating it.

Clays are good candidates for key structures in prebiotic evolution since they can replicate. One can even speculate with an analog of genetic code. Phyllosilicates containing -O-H groups are especially interesting: they can adsorb basic biomolecules and induce their polymerization to oligomers. They also induce a formation of vesicles formed from lipid bilayer and serving as a candidate for a predecessor of cell. DNA is the problem and has led to a scenario known as RNA world. Phyllosilicates are also known to generate radiation with positive health effects. The natural and testable hypothesis is that the presence of EZs allows to circumvent the difficulties of the standard RNA world scenario and also generate DNA and biologically active phosphates containing the mysterious phosphate bond as ionized dark proton. The flux tubes carrying the dark protons would be associated with the gel in Pollacks's experiments. In Urey-Miller experiment the flux tubes would have accompanied electric discharges. In prebiology the dark flux tubes might have been associated with lightnings or magnetic fields of Earth.

TGD inspired proposal for prebiotic evolution was inspired by TGD based realization of Expanding Earth hypothesis and assumes that life evolved in underground oceans and burst on the surface of Earth in Cambrian explosion. This view leads to a more precise view about prebiotic evolution.

Possible technological implications of this picture - if true - are quite impressive. Cold biofusion could make possible artificial generation of technologically important elements and the mechanism generating EZs could make possible artificial creation of intelligent life forms involving silicates and water.

For background see the new chapter More Precise TGD Based View about Quantum Biology and Prebiotic Evolution of "Genes and Memes" or article with the same title.

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