Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sharpening of Hawking's argument

I already told about the latest argument of Hawking to solve information paradox associated with black holes (see this and this).

There is now a popular article explaining the intuitive picture behind Hawking's proposal. The blackhole horizon would involve tangential flow of light and particles of the infalling matter would induce supertranslations on the pattern of this light thus coding information about their properties to this light. After that this light would be radiated away as analog of Hawking radiation and carry out this information.

The objection would be that in GRT horizon is no way special - it is just a coordinate singularity. Curvature tensor does not diverge either and Einstein tensor and Ricci scalar vanish. This argument has been used in the firewall debates to claim that nothing special should occur as horizon is traversed. Why light would rotate around it? No reason for this!

The answer in TGD would be obvious: horizon is replaced for TGD analog of blackhole with a light-like 3-surface at which the induced metric becomes Euclidian. Horizon becomes analogous to light front carrying not only photons but all kinds of elementary particles. Particles do not fall inside this surface but remain at it!

The objection now is that photons of light front should propagate in direction normal to it, not parallel. The point is however that this light-like 3-surface is the surface at which induced 4-metric becomes degenerate: hence massless particles can live on it.

For a summary of earlier postings see Links to the latest progress in TGD.

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Anonymous said...

The image of non-euclidean spacetimes within euclidean embedding spaces, which contain euclidean embedding spaces, etc. etc. comes relatively(sic!) easily. But (in terms of ontology=epistemology and quantum liars paradox, etc.), can you imagine a superposition or qubit of 5th and/or (non)parallel axiom, and connect it with notion of spin(s) - and spin doctors? ;)