Monday, June 20, 2016

Metabolic energy is not information but is needed to transfer negentropic entanglement

At deep level metabolic energy might correspond to negentropic entanglement (NE) and thus information. Conscious information would be thus the basic currency and the transfer of metabolic energy and metabolites would make possible transfer of NE. It could be transfer of systems consisting of negentropically entangled parts or it could be transfer of NE with larger system, even Earth. Negentropy Maximization Principle (NMP) would force the systems to fight for NE and this would lead to the fight for metabolic resources. The transfer of entanglement (NE) is basic mechanism in quantum computation and would mean in biology stealing of NE, the fundamental crime! Metabolism in TGD framework is discussed in more detail in the article Non-locality in quantum theory, in biology and neuroscience, and in remote mental interactions: TGD perspective.

I have considered three possible three possible identifications of NE.

  1. NE could be small scale entanglement - say between parts of molecules. This option is not favored by the needed large values of hgr and thus of mass M by heff= n×h = hgr= GMm/v0.

  2. NE could be between nutrient and larger structure - say Earth, Sun, or some other large enough structure to give
    a value of hgr= GMm/v0 guaranteeing that dark cyclotron energies (no dependence on mass m) in the range of bio-photon energies (visible and UV) and guarantee that EEG frequencies correspond to these energies (see this). Nutrients would be carriers of both metabolic energy and NE. This option does not conform with the fact that even electrons can provide metabolic energy and in TGD framework therefore also NE for some bacteria (see this). This suggests that nutrients carry only the energy needed to transfer NE.

  3. NE could be also between a larger structure and phosphate molecule added to ADP using metabolic energy. This option is the simplest one and would predict that phosphates are in unique role as standard entanglers to mass M. Any source of metabolic energy is in principle possible since metabolic energy is only needed to transfer the flux tube connecting phosphate to mass M to ADP so that ATP is obtained. The flux tube would represent the "high energy phosphate bond". ATP in turn attaches the flux tube to biomolecule, which becomes negentropically entangled. Metabolism would be make the transfer of NE possible. Metabolites would not contain information but it would be assignable to the flux tube between phosphate and mass M.

A good candidate for the larger structure could be a spherical layer at the distance of Moon from Earth would give correct value for heff= hgr (see this). Magnetic Mother Gaia would have very concrete meaning.

See the new chapter Non-locality in quantum theory, in biology and neuroscience, and in remote mental interactions: TGD perspective or article with the same title.

For a summary of earlier postings see Latest progress in TGD.

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