Thursday, June 30, 2016

Further pieces of evidence for the notion of magnetic body

Evidence for the notion of magnetic body (MB) is accumulating. For instance, the recently observed synchrony between hemispheres in absence of corpus callosum (see this) could be understood in terms of MB serving as a "boss" and forcing the two disconnected hemispheres to march in same pace.

Today I learned that humans seem to have sixth sense: kind of sub-conscious magnetic sense of directions (see this) possessed by many animals lower in the evolutionary tree - in particular birds and fishes and also many mammals. There is evidence that also humans but not all of us and not always - seem to respond to magnetic field.

The name of geophysisicist Joe Kirschwink working at CalTech as professor of geobiology iwas already familiar to me. For instance, Kirscwink has introduced the term "snowball Earth". Kirscwink claims that he has proven that also humans have magnetic sense serving as a kind of compass. The experiment involves a slowly rotating constant magnetic field with strength between .25-.6 Gauss (Earth's magnetic field has nominal value of .5 Gauss and the "endogenous" magnetic field appearing in TGD inspired quantum biology has value about .2 Gauss). The field is created by coils located at the walls of a cube so that its direction is under control and it can be also cancelled. The subject person sits in the middle of a Faraday cage eliminating electromagnetic perturbations from environment. EEG of subject person is measured. The explanation for why the earlier experiments often failed is that external perturbations cancelled the effect.

What was found that when the applied field rotates counterclockwise there is a response: the intensity in EEG alpha band drops down. The response however appears few hundred milliseconds later than one would expect if the response is passive response due to the electric currents induced by the applied field in brain. The signal appeared for up-down direction and counter-clockwise rotation but not the opposite. It also appeared when the direction of the field "yawed into the floor". I take "yaw" to mean the orientation angle of magnetic field with respect to the vertical axis.

A slow counterclock-wise rotation of the applied field was necessary. The period of this rotation was not mentioned. The rotation of the applied field could have mimicked the effect produced by the rotation of head with respect to the magnetic field of Earth in good approximation non-rotating in the inertial frame of person. In TGD framework one can ask whether parity breaking effect in macroscopic length scales is involved. What comes in mind is the rotation of the water going down to drain taking always in clocwise direction. Magnetic field obeys same equation as incompressible hydrodyamic flow. Could it be that the magnetic field associated with magnetite sensors in magnetic receptor neurons rotates in clockwise direction much like water going into drain and the response is maximal when the rotation directions are opposite?

One can probably invent purely neuroscientific explanations for the time lag of few hundred milliseconds for EEG response (EEG consists of quasistationary pieces of duration about .3 seconds possibly identifiable as correlates of mental images). In TGD framework the lag could be understood as being due to the fact that the percept is communicated to MB responding by reducing the alpha wave responsible synchronization of the brain. This response could be kind of wake-up from synchrony.

A further piece of evidence for MB comes from NASA (see this). MIT scientists have found what the article calls mysterious "invisible" force field protecting planet's atmosphere by preventing cosmic ray radiation entering to the lower atsmosphere. The field was first noticed by two NASA spacecrafts orbiting in van Allen radiation belt at height of 11,000 km (Earth radius is 6,371 km). The field blocks highly radioactive higher energy electrons. These electrons are attracted towards Earth by the magnetic field of Earth but cannot approach planet closer than 13,300 km - slightly more than twice the Earth radius.

Low frequency electromagnetic fields are involved as with dark matter at magnetic bodies. My guess is that the guardian angel is the magnetic body of Earth carrying dark matter to which one can assign magnetic field strength of .2 Gauss (2/5 of the nominal value of the Earth's magnetic field): actually entire spectrum of values is expected. The flux tubes or sheets carry dark matter and it could absorb the cosmic rays and tame them to Bose-Einstein condensates. For large heff=n× h the high energy E of cosmic ray corresponds to very low frequency f= E/heff and very long wavelength of order Earth size scale. Ordinary cosmic ray would be transformed to dark cosmic ray with very long wave length. The effect of ordinary cosmic ray is in scale of wavelength and highly local and disastreous for biomolecules like DNA. Now the affect would be absent. Dark magnetic body would act like mattress.

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