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Magnetic body, biophotons, and prediction of scaled variant of EEG

The model for quantum biology relying on the notions of MB and dark matter as hierarchy of phases with heff =nh, and biophotons identified as decay produces of dark photons. The assumption hgr ∝ m becomes highly predictable since cyclotron frequencies would be independent of the mass of the ion.

  1. If dark photons with cyclotron frequencies decay to biophotons, one can conclude that biophoton spectrum reflects the spectrum of endogenous magnetic field strengths. In the model of EEG it has been indeed assumed that this kind spectrum is there: the inspiration came from music metaphors suggesting that musical scales are realized in terms of values of magnetic field strength. The new quantum physics associated with gravitation would also become key part of quantum biophysics in TGD Universe.

  2. For the proposed value of hgr 1 Hz cyclotron frequency associated to DNA sequences would correspond to ordinary photon frequency f=3.6× 1014 Hz and energy 1.2 eV just at the lower limit of visible frequencies. For 10 Hz alpha band the energy would be 12 eV in UV. This plus the fact that molecular energies are in eV range suggests very simple realization of biochemical control by MB. Each ion has its own cyclotron frequency but same energy for the corresponding biophoton.

  3. Biophoton with a given energy would activate transitions in specific bio-molecules or atoms: ionization energies for atoms except hydrogen have lower bound about 5 eV (see this ). The energies of molecular bonds are in the range 2-10 eV (see this ). If one replaces v0 with 2v0 in the estimate, DNA corresponds to .62 eV photon with energy of order metabolic energy currency and alpha band corresponds to 6 eV energy in the molecular region and also in the region of ionization energies.

    Each ion at its specific magnetic flux tubes with characteristic palette of magnetic field strengths would resonantly excite some set of biomolecules.This conforms with the earlier vision about dark photon frequencies as passwords.

    It could be also that biologically important ions take care of their ionization self. This would be achieved if the magnetic field strength associated with their flux tubes is such that dark cyclotron energy equals to ionization energy. EEG bands labelled by magnetic field strengths could reflect ionization energies for these ions.

It must be made clear that TGD has had an interpretational problem related to the identification of biophotons as decay product of dark protons. The resolution of this problem leads to conclusion that both Earth's and galactic MBs control living matter with EEG related by scaling. This would be rather dramatic realization of non-locality.

The problem is following. If one wants bio-photon spectrum to be in visible-UV range assuming that bio-photons correspond to cyclotron photons, one must reduce the value of r=hgrBend/mv0 for Earth particle system by a factor of order k=2× 10-4. r does not depend on the mass of the charged particle. One can replace Bend with some other magnetic field having value which is considerably smaller. One can also increase the value of v0.

  1. For hgr determined by Earth's mass and v0=vrot, where vrot≈ 1.55× 10-6c is the rotation velocity of Earth around its axis and for Bend→ Bgal= 1 nT, where Bgal is typical strength of galactic magnetic field, the energy of dark cyclotron energy is 45 eV (UV extends to 124 eV). This is roughly by a factor 50 higher than the lower bound for the range of bio-photon energies. One possibility is that Bgal defines the upper limit of the dark photon energies and has variation range of at least 7 octaves with lower limit roughly 1/50 nT.

    One can also consider the possibility Bgal defines lower bound for the magnetic field strengths involved and one has v0>vrot. For sun the rotation velocity at Equator is vrot= 2× 10-5 m/s and v0 is v0≈ 5.8× 10-4c. One has v0/vrot≈ 29.0. If same is true in case of Earth, the value of the energy comes down from 25 eV to 1.6 eV which corresponds to visible wave length.

    The assignment of Bgal to gravitational flux tubes is very natural. Now however the frequencies of dark variants of bio-photons would not be in EEG range: 10 Hz frequency would correspond to 5× -4 Hz with period of 42 min. The time scale of 42 min is however very natural concerning consciousness and could be involved with longer bio-rhythms. Scaled EEG spectrum with alpha band around 46 min naturally assignable to diurnal sub-rhythms could be a testable prediction. Natural time would be sidereal (galactic) time with slightly different length of day and this allows a clear test. Recall the mysterious looking finding of Spottiswoode that precognition seems to be enhanced at certain time of sidereal day. Cyclotron frequency 1 Hz would correspond to 7 hours. One can ask whether 12 hours (25) is the natural counterpart for the cyclotron frequency 1 Hz assignable to DNA. This would correspond to lower bound Bgal→ 7Bgal/12 ≈ .58 nT or to v0→ 1.7v0.

  2. The idea has been that it is dark EEG photons, which correspond to bio-photons. Could one assign bio-photons also to dark EEG so that magnetic fields of Earth and galaxy would correspond to two different control levels? If Bend=.2 Gauss is assumed to determine the scale of the magnetic field associated with the flux tubes carrying gravitational flux tubes, one must reduce hgr. The reduction could be due to M→ MD=kM and due to the change of v0. k could characterize the dark matter portion of Earth but this assumption is not necessary.

    This would require k=Mdark, E/ME≈ 5× 10-5 if one does not change the value of v0. This value of k equals to the ratio of Bgal/Bend and would be 1/4:th of k=2× 10-4. One might argue that it is indeed dark matter to which the gravitational flux tubes with large value of Planck constant connect biomatter.

  3. Suppose that one does not give up the idea that also Earth mass gives rise to hgr and scaled analog of EEG. Then MD must correspond to some mass distinguishable from and thus outside Earth. The simplest hypothesis is that a spherical layer around Earth is in question. TGD based model for spherical objects indeed predict layered structures. There are two separate anomalies in the solar system supporting the existence of a spherical layer consisting of dark mass and with radius equal to the distance of Moon from Earth equal to 60.3 Earth radii. The first anomaly is so called Flyby anomaly and second one involves a periodic variation of both the value of the measured Newton's constant at the surface of Earth and of the length of the day. The period is about 6 years and TGD predicts it correctly.

    One can imagine that dark particles reside at the flux tubes connecting diametrically opposite points of the spherical layer. Particles would experience the sum of gravitational forces summing up to zero in the center of Earth. Although the layer would be almost invisible (or completely invisible by argument utilizing the analogy with conducting shell) gravitationally in its interior, hgr=MDm/v0 would make itself visible in the dynamics of dark particles! This layer could represent magnetic Mother Gaia and EEG would take care of communications to this layer.

    The rotation velocity vrot,M≈ 2.1× vrot,E of Moon around its axis is the first guess for the parameter v0 identifiable perhaps as rotation velocity of the spherical layer. A better guess is that the ratio r=v0/vrot,M is the same as for Sun and as assumed above for Earth. This would give for the ratio of cyclotron frequency scales r= (Bend/Bgal)× 2.1. 66.7 min, which corresponds to Bgal= .63 nT, would correspond to .1 s. For this choice 1 Hz DNA cyclotron frequency would correspond 11.7 h rather near to 12 h. This encourages the hypothesis that 72 min is the counterpart of .1 s cyclotron time. The cyclotron time of DNA (very weakly dependent on the length of DNA double strand) in Bgal (or its minimum value) would be 12 h.

Magnetic body of Earth controlling bio-dynamics would be a dramatic manifestation of non-locality to say nothing about the control performed by galactic magnetic body. MD would be associated with the magnetic Mother Gaia making life possible at Earth together with magnetic Mother Galactica. Both MBs would be in continual contact with biomolecules like ATP and the molecules for which ATP attaches or provides the phospate. Metabolic energy would be used to this process. These MBs would be Goddesses directing its attention to tiny bio-molecules. If this picture is correct, the ideas about consciousness independent on material substrate and assignable to a running computer program can be safely forgotten.

See the new chapter Non-locality in quantum theory, in biology and neuroscience, and in remote mental interactions: TGD perspective or article with the same title.

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Thank you. It would be really strange if we would not have magnetic sense since our predecessors in evolution have it.

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