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Is time reversal involved with Pollack effect?

In Pollack effect negatively charges Exclusion Zeones (EZs) are formed. EZs have the very strange property that the impurities are spontaneously removed from them. This seems to be in conflict with the second law of thermodynamics according to which both temperature and concentration gradients should tend to disappear. Could one understand this as being due to a reversal of the arrow of time?

Indeed, TGD inspired theory of consciousness relying on zero energy ontology (ZEO) predicts the possibility of time reversed selves (see this). When conscious entity - self - dies, it reincarnates as a self with opposite arrow of geometric time.

  1. In ZEO zero energy states replace ordinary quantum states assigned with time=constant snapshots of time evolution in space-time. Zero energy states are pairs of ordinary quantum states at opposite light-like boundaries of causal diamond (CD) identifiable as counterparts of initial and finals states of a physical event. Conservation quantum numbers translates to a mathematical statement that the quantum numbers associated with the members of pairs are opposite. One can also say that zero energy state is analogous to a deterministic computer program or a behavioral mode. The act of free will replaces this program/behavior with a new one so that one avoids the paradox between the non-determinism of free will and determinism of physics.

  2. Causal diamond (CD) defines the imbedding space correlate of self. One can assign to the opposite light-like boundaries the attributes active and passive. During the sequence of analogs of "small" state function reductions analogous to weak quantum measurements (resembling classical measurements) the passive boundary remains unaffected as also the members of state pairs defining zero energy states associated with it. Active boundary recedes farther away from the passive boundary and the members of state pairs at it change. The size of CD thus increases and gives rise flow of geometric time as an increase of the temporal distance between the tips of CD.

  3. Eventually the first state function reduction to the opposite boundary of CD must occur, and active and passive boundary change their roles. Self dies and re-incarnates as a self with opposite arrow of geometric time: the formerly passive boundary of CD becomes now active and moves in opposite time direction reduction by reduction. In the next re-incarnation self continues almost from the moment of geometric time at which it died. It might be that we die repeatedly without noticing it at all!

  4. The many-sheeted space-time approximated with slightly curved regions of Minkowski space would certainly tend to mask the time reversals in given length scale. In elementary particle length scales the state function reductions would indeed change the arrow of time but this would occur so often that there would be no arrow of time in statistical sense: one would speak of microscopic reversibility. In time scales considerably longer than those of human consciousness the observed arrow of time would correspond to that associated with selves with very large CDs and with lifetime much longer than ours. The change of the arrow of time could be detectable in time scales relevant to living matter and human consciousness and just these scales are the scales where the anomalies occur!

Could the ghostly space-time regions - time reversed selves - have some physical signatures making possible to prove their existence empirically?
  1. Second law would still hold true but in opposite direction of geometric time for the space-time sheets with non-standard arrow of time. The effects implied by second law would be present as their reversals. The observer with standard direction of geometric time would see temperature and density gradients to develop spontaneously.
    Also parameters describing dissipation rates such as Ohmic resistance and viscosity could have in some situations negative values.

    This indeed seems to take place in living matter. For instance, the building bricks of molecules spontaneously arrange to molecules: DNA replication, transcription and translation of RNA to proteins are basic examples about this. The development of concentration gradients is also clear in the strange ability of EZs to get rid of impurities. Also the charge separation creating EZs could be seen as disappearence of charged separatio in reversed direction of time. Healing of living organism could be a basic example of the process in which the arrow of time changes temporarily at some level of hierarchy of space-time sheets.

  2. The generation of temperature gradients would be a clear signature for the reversal of the arrow of time. Water is the basic stuff of life, and the thermodynamics of water involves numerous anomalies summarized at Martin Chaplin's homepage "Water structure and science". TGD based explanation could be naturally in terms of dark variants of protons at magnetic flux tubes and possible change of the arrow of geometric time.

  3. There is a lot of anecdotal evidence for the effects challenging our beliefs about standard arrow of time. A spontaneous generation of temperature differences is basic example. There is a nice popular document about this boundary region of science by Phie Ambo, which even skeptic might enjoy as art experience.

    It was a great surprise for me that one of the key personalities in the document is Holger B Nielsen, one of the pioneers of string models. I have had the honor to have intense discussions with him in past: he is one of the very few colleagues who has shown keen interest on the basic ideas of TGD. The document discusses strange phenomena associated with the physics of water possibly having interpretation in terms of time reversal and formation of EZs. From the document one also learns that in Denmark physics professionals are beginning to take these anomalies seriously.

    Unfortunately, the people who claim having discovered this kind of effects - often not science professionals - are labelled as crackpots. The laws of science also tell what we are allowed to observe (and think), at least if we want to be called scientists!

  4. The ghost stories might also reflect something real - this real need of course not be ghost but something deep about consciousness. Could it be that it is sometimes possible to consciously experience the presence of a space-time region - self - with an opposite arrow of geometric time? Ghost stories typically involve a claim about the reduction of temperature of environment in presence of ghost: could this be something real and a signature for the reversal of time at some level of dark matter hierarchy affecting also dark matter? As a matter of fact, in TGD Universe our conscious experience could involve routinely sub-selves (mental images) with non-standard arrow of time (see this): motor actions could be identified as sensory mental images with opposite arrow of time.

See the article Pollack's Findings about Fourth phase of Water: TGD View or the chapter How to test TGD Based Vision about Living Matter and Remote Mental Interactions .

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