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More about Posner molecule

I wrote for a couple of years ago a commentary about the work of Fisher on so called Posner molecule: Ca9(PO4)6 Ca:s are double charged ions and phosphates triply charged ions. Bones have pairs of Posner molecules as building bricks. Fisher proposed that the Larmor frequences of phospates might be fundamental in biology. This might be true.

However, while writing I found that PO4 3- ion has cyclotron frequency of 9.5 Hz in endogenous magnetic field Bend=.2 Gauss explaining together with heff/h=n hypothesis inspired by the quantal effects of ELF em fields on vertebrate brain reduced later to a prediction of adelic physics. This frequency is in alpha band defining the fundamental biorhytm. This of course puts bells ringing.

Posner molecule would be ideal for both control purposes (Ca2+ and PO43- ions) and for metabolism (6 phosphates with high energy phosphate bonds): P and O related valence bonds indeed have nearly maximal metabolic energy content in the proposed model of valence bonds based on heff/h=n hierarchy (see this). This suggests that bones might also serve as energy storages and - of course - as nutrients. Interestingly, in the evolution of humans the discovery of stones as tools to break down bones of prey animals to get bone marrow has been seen as a critical step leading to the growth of cortex requiring a lot of metabolic energy (to generate large n bonds providing ability to generate negentropy).

What is interesting that ATP molecule - the basic metabolic currency - has triphosphate with total charge -4 as a building brick. Triphosphate is characterized by cyclotron frequency 4.8 Hz, which is one half of the alpha band frequency. The diphosphate in ADP has cyclotron frequency 5.2 Hz. Note that the cyclotron frequency of Fe2+ ion central in oxygen based metabolism is 10.7 Hz and in alpha band as also the Larmor frequency 10.96 Hz of P.

This suggests that MB uses spin flips for control and coordination purposes. MB could control and coordinate all phosphate containing biomolecules usign this Larmor transition of P. This includes ATP, DNA, RNA, the tubulins of microtubules containing GTP and all biomolecules to which phosphate is attached. This would conform with the frequencies in alpha band as a universal biorhythm used by magnetic body to keep metabolism in synchrony in body scale.

Note that in DNA the singly charged phosphates in XMPs, X = A, T, C, G, have cyclotron frequency, which is one third of this, that is 3.1 Hz. This frequency appears in EEG as a kind of resonance frequency during deep sleep. DNA nucleotides as a whole have cyclotron frequencies around 1 Hz. In microtubules the phosphate of GTP can have three different charge states allowing frequencies 3.1,6.2 and 9.4 Hz. I have proposed that these charge states together with two different tubulin conformations give rise to a realization of genetic code.

The proton cyclotron frequency 300 Hz has been already earlier assigned with ATP and the models for the lifelike properties of a system consisting of plastic balls involved cyclotron frequency of Ar+ ion, which is same as that of Ca2+ ion and cyclotron frequency 300 Hz of proton (see this). Also the two important frequencies associated with honeybee dance correspond to the cyclotron frequencies of Ca2+ and proton (see this).

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