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A possible paradox related to zero energy ontology

ZEO provides a radically new view about time. If one proposes something radical it is better to invent all possible objections to it. lthough this is a considerable challenge to ego, it is also the best manner to develop the idea. Last night I discovered one really bad sounding objection against ZEO.

Consider first the basic ideas of ZEO (see this).

  1. Causal diamond (CD) is essential piece of ZEO. CD is essentially intersection of future and past directed light-cones and defines imbedding space (M4× CP2) correlate for self as conscious entity. CDs form a length scale hierachy. Zero energy states are pairs of states at the two boundaries of CD, the active and passive one.

  2. During the sequence of unitary evolutions followed by "small" state functions (SSFRs) defining self as a conscious entity the passive boundary of CD is un-affected as also the members of state pairs defining zero energy state as their superposition. SSFRs as counterparts of "weak" measurements preserve the arrow of time and the sequence of unitary evolutions followed by SSFR gives rise to the life cycle of self as conscious entity.

    Active boundary and members of state pairs at it change during this sequence. In statistical sense the distance between the tips of CD increases and this corresponds to the "clock time" as correlate for the subjective time defined by the sequence of unitary evolutions followed by "small" state function reductions (SSFRs). The permanent part of self, "soul", corresponds to passive boundary and sensory input to active boundary.

  3. The arrow of time changes in ordinary, "big", state function reductions (BSFRs). Self dies in BSFR and reincarnates with reverse arrow of time.

  4. To make ZEO more precise one must specify what happens in BSFR for CD. Is CD replaced with CD which is bigger than it was before CD or whether the the formed passive boundary can shift so that the size of CD is reduced. The first option would mean that self starts where it was and the latter option that the reincarnated self experiences childhood. The option in which CD can increase without limit is couterintuive.

    If the size of CD is reduced then it can happen that the maximum size of CD increases very slowly and can remain bounded. Selves would continue the life in the geometric past re-incarnating again and again and becoming more complex and evolved. Kind of endless spiritual growth due to the statistical increase of "IQ" defined by the distribution of of effective Planck constats heff=n×h0 -n is essentially dimension of extension of rationals assignable to particular sub-self.

ZEO has profound implications.
  1. ZEO based view solves the basic paradox of quantum measurement theory and leads to a theory of consciousness (see this).

  2. Thermodynamics must be generalized and one also ends up to a theory of self-organization in which self-assemly aspect of self-organization could be understood as dissipation in non-standard arrow of time (see this and this ). This would due to time reversal at the magnetic body (MB) containing dark matter as heff=nh0 phases servig as master controlling ordinary matter (and lower onion like layers of MB) serving as slaves.

  3. The evolutionary aspect of self-organization is due to the tendency of heff to increase: in adelic physics this follows from the unvoidable tendency of the dimension of extension of rationals to increase in BSFRs: the number of extensions with dimension larger than that for given extension is infinitely larger than those with smaller dimension (see this and this) .

Surprisingly, ZEO finds considerable support. Minev et al discovered that BSFR in atomic systems indeed has unexpected features understandable in ZEO (see this). There is evidence for time anomalies having explanation in terms of time reversal at the level of MB even in astrophysical scales. Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are one example (see this). Cosmology also provides further evidence (see this).

One can however invent an objection.

  1. Suppose that in biological death I indeed re-incarnate with opposite arrow of time and continue to live towards geometric past. Suppose also that I re-incarnate as more advanced human being - at least in statistical sense. Human beings have parents. But how can I have parents in the former geometric future, if my parents how have already died live in the former geometric past?

  2. The only solution of the paradox seems to be that the MB - the boss - does not disappear in the death of biological body (BB). The MBs of my parents continue their existence and in my biological death means their separation in stanard time direction and meeting in the new time direction. They meet, fall in love, and give rise to my birth but all this in opposite time direction.

    This would provide an answer to a long-standing question about whether MBs are preserved in biological death or not. My view has been that biological death is more or less that MB loses interest in my BB and directs attention to something more interesting. One could however argue that also MB is generated in birth and genes code also for it so that it would die. If directing attention corresponds to BSFR MB would continue to exist after biological death. This particular reincarnation - CD - would be like vortex in the flow of time.

  3. Can one find any support for this crazy looking proposal? TGD Universe is fractal and lower levels in the length scale hierarchies are slaves. In particular, bio-chemical level serves as the slave of MB expected to obey kind of shadow dynamics. If the proposed topological dynamics of MBs solving the above paradox has a miniature representation at the level of DNA, one could take the proposal with some seriousness.

    In meiosis (this) germ cells, whose chromosomes are coctails of paternal and maternal chromoses (PCs and MCs), are formed. In fertilization (this) - in some sense a (time?) reversal of meiosis - pairs of PCs and MCs are formed. The fusion of paternal and maternal germ cells could be indeed seen in topological sense as a time reversal of replication. The replication of soma cells involves mitosis (this) forming pairs of chromosomes of PCs and MCs.

    Could the chromosomal dynamics be a miniature version of the proposed dynamics at the level of MB even at the level of organisms? If so, mitosis at the level of MB would correspond to a loose pairing of paternal and maternal MBs - formation of a relationship. Our personal MBs as analogs of germ cells would be coctails of MBs of PCs and MCs formed by reconnection process.

    What about replication? In the case of asexual reproduction (this) one could speak about replication at the level of MB of the entire organism. Also cell - and DNA replication would represent examples of asexual reproduction and in meiosis sexual reproduction of also DNA would take place.

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