Monday, December 02, 2019

Time reversal of blackhole like object observed?

A very strange object behaving like time reversal of blackhole - or a candidate rather blackhole like object (BHE) has been observed (see this). The blackhole in question is super-massive and in the middle of galaxy cluster.

Usually blackhole "eats" the surrounding matter and also prevent the formation of stars since they are powerful emitters of gamma rays - this is not in accordance with the naive view about blackholes. The weird blackhole does not emit gamma rays and the environment around it cools and this makes possible star formation. Instead of eating the surrounding matter it should feed matter to surroundings making possible the star formation.

The most obvious TGD identification of the mystery object relies on zero energy ontology allowing both arrow of time. The arrow of time chances in ordinary state function reduction - the "big" one as opposed to "small" one corresponding to weak measurement. This predicts time reversed blackhole like objects (BHEs) analogous to white holes: white hole like objects (WHEs).

WHEs could appear in the very early states of the galactic evolution. They could feed the magnetic energy of monopole flux tubes to environment transformed to ordinary matter in turn forming galaxies. As a matter of fact, monopole flux tubes portions emanating it much lines of magnetic field would be formed and their local thickening and formation of tangles would give rise to stars.

If the time reversal idea is taken very seriously WHEs should suck gamma rays from environment inducing cooling making the star formation easier. This would be dissipation in non-standard direction of time identifiable as the basic metabolic mechanism associated with all kinds of self-organization process: quantum coherence at the level of magnetic body would be essential and induce long range coherence of ordinary matter as forced coherence.

WHE could be also created in BSFR for a BHE.

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