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Snow flakes and macrocopic quantum criticality

Thanks for Nikolina Benedikovic for a link representing images of snowflakes. This led to a very interesting discussion generating new details to the view about self-organization in TGD Universe. Also phase transitions liberating heat as a new manner to generate dark matter in TGD sense in phase transition liberating heat energy suggests themselves and could provide a manner to generate artificial life in quantum sense.

The link told about snowflakes having incredibly precise symmetry. Their formation is still poorly understood and their precise symmetries remain a mystery. One would expect something like this in atomic length scales, where one has quantum coherence but certainly not in macroscopic scales. This inspires heretic questions. Could it be that the snowflakes reflect quantum coherence in their own size scale? Snowflakes are not macroscopically quantum coherent. What could be the quantum coherent system involved?

I can reveal my cards. This was mere rhetoric. I have made these questions 15 years ago but in different context. The outcome of these questions is TGD view about living matter and matter in general based now of adelic physics providing number theoretic vision about TGD (see for instance this and this) .

Magnetic body containing dark matter as heff=nh0 phases (h/h0=6 is a good guess) and inducing self-organization of ordinary matter with quantum coherence of dark matter inducing the ordinary long range coherence of ordinary matter. The relevance for quantum biology would be that the highly problematic quantum coherence of ordinary bio-matter would not be needed.

Could this explain snowflakes as impossibly perfect designs as self-organization patters forced in ordinary matter by quantum coherent magnetic body of water? I remember that some-one has said that snowflakes are like zoom-ups of atomic systems reflecting basic molecular symmetries. They could be indeed analogous to zoom-ups of atomic systems with zooming factor given by n. Quite concretely, the lengths of hydrogen bonds would be scaled up by n.

Concerning concrete model for snowflakes there is clear hint. The self-organization would increase the values of heff and this requires energy feed. Where does it come from?

Freezing of water liberates energy: this could serve as source of metabolic energy. More generally phase transitions liberating heat energy could generate heff> h phases and generate highly ordered structures. Here might a possible method to create dark matter in TGD sense.

Findings of Emoto

An interesting application is to the findings of Masaru Emoto (see this) that emotional expressions of humans seem to affect water at criticality for freezing. Angry voices are claimed to create ugly patterns and friendly voices beautiful ones. The metabolic energy needed to induce phase transition transforming ordinary matter to dark matter as exotic phase of water would come from the latent heat liberated in freezing. By macroscopic quantum coherence of MB the resulting dark parts of water's MB would be sensitive to human emotional expressions.

Could living systems utilize quantum critical phase transition liberating energy?

Wes Johnson commented about the ability of living systems to use heat as metabolic energy. Could phase transitions liberating heat produce this energy and lead to a generation of large heff phases?

  1. In TGD Universe the efficiency of living matter to use heat as metabolic energy would a characteristic of not only life but all self-organizing systems. The distinction between living and in-animate would be only quantitative. The evolutionary aspect of self-organization would be generation of coherence in longer scales and would be induced by generation of large heff phases at magnetic body becoming thus quantum coherent in long scales. Energy feed would generate these phases and at criticality for a phase transition liberating heat energy (enthalpy) this is easy.

  2. Living systems are conscious in a narrow temperature range. Perhaps this relates to the criticality for phase transition liberating energy in turn generating especially important heff phases. Water has special anomalies around the physiological temperature and looks like a two-phase system (at least). This kind of a phase transition of water could be fundamental for living matter.

    This could have a direct connection with the Pollack effect (see this) creating charge separation: in TGD part of protons would become dark protons at magnetic flux tubes - dark nuclei providing a fundamental representation for genetic code.

  3. Carbohydrates are carriers of metabolic energy. Could this mean that they have molecular bonds (valence bonds) with non-standard value of Planck constant heff and that their energy is liberated when these bonds disappear in the splitting of these bonds or even in the reduction of heff, which would be basic element of bio-catalysis. I have indeed proposed a model for valence bonds in terms of dark flux tubes with heff> h (see this). The values of n involved would be relatively small and would correspond to the many-sheetedness for the space-time surface as covering of M4 ×CP2 coordinates would be n-valued. n would increase towards right end of the rows of the periodic end and this would explain the different roles of the molecules at opposite ends of the rows in biology.

Two aspects of self-organization

Note that these phase transitions producing phases with a non-standard value of heff represent evolution as a statistical increase of the dimension of extension of rationals and relying on "big" (ordinary) state function reductions (BSFRs). This active, evolutionary aspect could be seen as quantal aspect of self-organization.

There is also classical, passive, aspect assignable to the evolution of subsystem by "small" state function reductions (SSFRs) serving as counterparts of weak measurements. In TGD inspired theory of consciousness, motory-sensory duality corresponds to these two aspects. Motor actions correspond to BSFRs and sensory experience to SSFRs.

  1. ZEO predicts that time reversal occurs in ordinary state function reductions (BSFRs) and that these reductions occur in all scales and look like ordinary classical evolutions leading to the final state smoothly and deterministically: this was discovered by Minev et all in atomic systems (see this). This would remove the conflict between classicality and no-determinism at the level of conscious experience. Quantum systems would do their best to look like classical.

  2. Self-organization as generation of structures at space-time level (passive aspect) can be understood in terms of zero energy ontology (ZEO) alone (see this). Self-organization (its sensory aspect) and metabolism (use of energy) could be seen as a dissipation in opposite direction of time: no separate models or mechanisms would be needed. Gradients would increase, structure would be generated. Basic biological processes at bio-molecular level would be controlled by magnetic bodies in time reversed states. The only challenge is to understand how living matter generates the sources of metabolic energy - how living system stores energy.

See the article Some comments related to Zero Energy Ontology (ZEO)).

For a summary of earlier postings see Latest progress in TGD.

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