Saturday, December 19, 2015

M89 hadron physics is there and maybe also MG,79 hadron physics!

I have been busily building overall view about the relation of M89 and the various bumps. The basic prediction is entire spectroscopy of mesons and baryons with masses scaled up by factor 29=512 from those of ordinary hadronic physics assignable to M107. Also MG,79 ("G" for "Gaussian") with scaling factor 214.

After few days it has become clear that there are indications about bumps at masses of all low lying mesons of M89 physics! Pion around 68 GeV, η at 274 GeV decaying to 137 GeV gamma pairs detected by Fermi telescope, kaon a assignable to 250 GeV bump reported ATLAS, scaled up variants of η(1405) and η(1500) with masses 702.5 GeV (bump at 700 GeV ) and 750 GeV (the bump about which community has been talking about last week)! Also an excess in the production of dijets above 500 GeV dijet mass has been reported and could relate to the decays of η'(958) with scaled up mass of 479 GeV. Also digamma bump should be detected.

According to Lubos, also excess of tb pairs in range 200-600 GeV serving as signature of the production of charged M89 mesons is detected.

Hence it seems that at least M89 hadron physics is there! Things are developing much faster than I dared to dream! The hypothesis should be easy to test since the masses seem to obey the naive scaling. A smoking gun evidence would be detection of production of pairs of M89 nucleons with masses predicted by naive scaling to be around 470 GeV. This would give rise to dijets above 940 GeV cm energy with jets having total quantum numbers of ordinary nucleons. Each M89 nucleon consisting of 3 quarks of M89 hadron physics could also transform to ordinary quarks producing 3 ordinary hadron jets.

What about MG,79 hadron physics? Tommaso Dorigo told about indications for a neutral di-boson bump at 2 TeV. The mass of M79 pion is predicted to be 2.16 TeV by a direct scaling of the mass 135 MeV of the ordinary neutral pion!

For more detailed summary see the previous posting and the article Indications for the new physics predicted by TGD.

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Anonymous said...

why are so many individuals believing that we can not grasp the knowledge of the unknown when no one has not release the information you are masking said...

Dear Anonymous,

I am doing my best to communicate these discoveries but the sad fact is that the representatives of establishment refuse to listen or even to allow communications. does not allow to add anything and this makes impossible communications to particle physicists. Publication in so called respected journals is impossible.

Situation is not better in blogs. For instance, I added links to the blog of Lubos. No comments. For some time ago I tried to add links to another blog about TGD view about firewall problem: the posting was censored out.

My works are at my homepage and Research Gate. In Research Gate there has been considerable interest and I put my hope to this. The journals of Huping Hu are the only journals making possible publishing.

Theoretical physics is in a state of deep degeneration: both ethical and intellectual.