Thursday, December 31, 2015

Solution of the Ni62 mystery associated with Rossi's E-Cat

In my blog a reader calling himself Axil made a highly interesting comment. He told that in the cold fusion ashes from Rossi's E-Cat there is 100 micrometer sized block containing almost pure Ni62 isotope. This is one of Ni isotopes but not the lightest Ni58 whose isotope fraction 67.8 per cent. Axil gave a link providing additional information and I dare to take the freedom to attach it here.

Ni62 finding looks really mysterious. One interesting finding is that the size 100 micrometers of the Ni62 block corresponds to the secondary p-adic length scale for W bosons. Something deep? Let us however forget this clue.

One can imagine all kinds of exotic solutions but I guess that it is the reaction kinetics "dark fusion + subsequent ordinary fusion repeated again and again", which leads to a fixed point, which is enrichment by Ni62 isotope. This is like iteration. This guess seems to work!

  1. The reaction kinematics in the simplest case involves three elements.

    1. The addition of protons to stable isotopes of Ni. One can add N=1,2,... protons to the stable isotope of Ni to get dark nuclear string NiX+N protons. As such these are not stable by Coulomb repulsion.

    2. The allowed additional stabilising reactions are dark W boson exchanges, which transfer charge between separate dark nuclear strings at flux tubes. Beta decays are very slow processes since outgoing W boson decaying to electron and neutrino is very massive. One can forget them. Therefore dark variants of nuclei decaying by beta decay are effectively stable.

    3. The generation of dark nuclei and their transformation to ordinary nuclei occurs repeatedly. Decay products serve as starting point at the next round. One starts from stable isotopes of NiX, X=58, 60, 61, 62, 64 and adds protons some of which can by dark W exchange transform to neutrons. The process produces from isotope NiX heavier isotopes NiY, Y= X+1, X+2,.. plus isotopes of Zn with Z=30 instead of 28, which are beta stable in the time scale considered. Let us forget them.

  2. The key observation is that this iterative kinematics increases necessarily mass number!! The first guess is that starting from say X=58 one unavoidably ends up to the most massive stable isotope of Ni! The problem is however that Ni62 is not the heaviest stable isotope of Ni: it is Ni64!! Why the sequence does not continue up to Ni64?

    The problem can be solved. The step Ni62→Ni62+p leads to Cu63, which is the lightest stable isotope of Copper. No beta exchanges anymore and the iteration stops! It works!

  3. But how so huge pieces of Ni62 are possible? If dark W bosons are effectively massless only below atomic length scale - the minimal requirement - , one cannot expect pieces to be much larger than atomic length scale. Situation changes if the Planck constant for dark weak interactions is so large that the scaled up weak scale corresponds to secondary p-adic length scale. This requires heff/h≈ 245≈3.2 × 1013. The values of Planck constant in TGD inspired mode of living matter are of this order of magnitude and imply that 10 Hz EEG photons have energies in visible and UV range and can transform to ordinary photons identifiable as bio-photons ideal for the control of bimolecular transitions! 100 micrometers in turn is the size scale of large neuron! So large value of heff/h would also help to understand why large breaking of parity symmetry realized as chiral selection is possible in cellular length scales.

Clearly, this kind of fixed point dynamics is the unique feature of the proposed dark fusion dynamics and provides an easily testable prediction of the TGD based model. Natural isotope fractions are not produced. Rather, the heaviest stable isotope dominates unless there is lighter stable isotope which gives rise to stable isotope by addition of proton.

See the article Cold Fusion Again or the chapter with the same title.

For a summary of earlier postings see Links to the latest progress in TGD.


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What's the use in explaining Andrea Rossi's sleight of hand with physics? Well, if so, then something fringe like TGD should fit for the task perfectly. said...

Dear tyy,

I am afraid that you do not have a slightest understanding what TGD is to say anything about TGD. And probably your understanding of physics is as meagre as that of TGD. Your are one of those empty-headed one-line commenters, whose comments are mere insults. You cannot cheat me.

You can of course demonstrate your understanding by explaining for all of us what are the basic ideas and assumptions and basic implications of TGD. We are keenly waiting your performance tyy. Do not produce disappointment!;-).

To speak seriously, I am not a career building opportunist like so many nowadays. I am passionate physicists and my primary goal is to understand physics. I have also certain abilities to do so. Rossi's and others findings - there are now physics professors doing research in cold fusion- are extremely valuable in this process. I am not asking first whether some academic idiots accept Rossi's work as "serious science". I can decide this myself.

Rossi's work is of course not the only source of information: biology and neuroscience is second extremely valuable source and TGD is unified theory so that the same mechanisms work both in quantum biology and free energy and consciousness. said...

Dear tyy ,

alias Timo Ylhäinen (name is omen as Finnish readers can conclude!;-). Since you have been troublemaker for years, I decided to check for your background. You are from Finland. This was not so much a surprise to me: some people in Finland hate me bitterly and you belong to them. The reason for hatred is easy to guess.

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You tell that you have not been involved with physics for decades. Not a surprise: I guessed this from you one-line comments containing mere insults. If you had some understanding about physics, your comments would contain statement and justifications for it.

I also found that your arguments against Rossi and pioneers of cold fusion do not contain a single data bit. Readers can check also this easily. I wonder what you have to say about recent situation when Nasa is studying cold fusion and physics professors are taking it seriously.

So: You cannot cheat me, Timo Ylhäinen! I just wonder why you are wasting your time. You could still try of becoming serious student of physics.

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Ohhh feel the burn. *sssszzzz** that was soubd of tyy's drool sizzling in the stove where his comments belong. What makes nickel so special that it has these properties of isotopes that it has this fixed point in its dynamics? said...

Nice to hear about you. Nickel is very special also from the point of view of ordinary nuclear physics. Tyy is stereo type of finnish skeptic and produced trouble already earlier.