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How to design your own light saber?

Designing of light sabers seems to be the latest craze. My grandchildren are actually proud owners of light sabers but it did not occur to me to ask whether their built them by their own hands (they are Jedi masters in lego building).

The receipe for light saber depends on what Universe you choose to live in. Don Lincoln suggests a construction in rather conventional Universe - just standard physics at relatively low energies - M-theorists would call this kind of Universes in belittling tone "just low energy phenomenology".

Lincoln rejects the idea that light saber consists of a laser light beam because he wants it to have a fixed length as in Star Trek movies. Light saber should be able to meld metals and therefore he proposes that light could be generated by a hot plasma consisting of charged particles which would radiate and make the saber visible . Plasmas are however rather rarified and one cannot produce much damage using even plasma torches. One can however have plasma cutter: plasma cutter works best when the material cut is a conductor.

Plasma must be inside somekind of container with a shape of saber. Nuclear fusion search uses magnetic fields to confine plasmas. Lincoln however finds that the power needed to melt metal is beyond existing technologies. Plasma should be extremely hot. The further problem is that you could burn your fingers!

Also Bee has taken the challenge. Bee wants to live in the world of General Relavity governed by some kind of GUT allowing magnetic monopoles to exist. The saber would emit magnetic monopoles, which would somehow do the damage at the second end. I did not quite catch the idea for how this would occur. In order to make the saber glow you must feed electrically charged particles in the strong magnetic field of the saber. The problem is that GUT magnetic monopoles have masses, which are considerable fraction of Planck mass so that the practical design is probably not feasible in the near future.

My proposal for a light saber can be build only in TGD Universe as you could have guessed and very probably did so. I happened to develop the recipe for light saber completely accidentally while developing a model for cold fusion. I had never thought that TGD could be used to build weapons for Star Wars. The recipe for light saber goes like follows.

  1. Take TGD Universe and a vessel of water. Take care that the water begins to bubble. You could create the needed cavitation by sound waves or building little private water fall or boil the water. You get bubbles of vapor, which compress and re-explode (sonoluminescence is based on this and one indeed observes gamma rays in sonoluminescence - something totally unexpected suggesting nuclear fusion).

    In the compression to a very small volume protons compress along radial monopole flux tubes to an ultrahigh density- something like 1000 times the ordinary density of water in the direction of the flux tube. The outcome is ultradense 1-D solid associated with monopole flux tube.

    Remark: You could also use laser beams as in laser induced cold fusion (don't forget the TGD Universe!). Also now ultradense 1-D matter is created at monopole flux tubes in the direction of the laser beam and Coulomb explosion occurs and the nuclei leak out along flux tubes. Just as in the case of bubble explosion.

    Dark atomic nuclei with large Planck constant heff/h= 203 are formed and the process liberates dark nuclear binding energy proportional to 1/heff by simple dimensional guess. The energy is in keV range (X rays) rather than MeV range (gamma rays) as for ordinary nuclei.

    At flux tubes you have dark nuclei containing not only protons but also neutrons if you have weak bosons with large enough heff. These weak bosons must be effectively massless below atomic length scale. If so, they allow protons to transform rapidly to neutrons by dark W exchange with other nuclei. Neutronization also helps to overcome Coulomb wall still present and would precent dark nuclear fusion. Besides laser induced fusion this process actually happens in sonofusion, bubble fusion, and cavitation induced fusion, and even in electrolysis assisted fusion in which also electric field generates bubbles and dark nuclei.

  2. The dark nuclei however tend to escape the system along magnetic flux tubes carrying monopole fluxes.

    Remark: In TGD Universe there are monopole fluxes but no actual monopoles as in GUT based Universes. The reason is that CP2 has a non-trivial topology: there exist incompressible two-surfaces but they are not surfaces of holes in which case one would have monopole.

    Monopole flux tubes provide the desired container for the dark nuclei, which do not give rise to hot plasma.

    Remark: There is analogy with the magnetic confinement in hot fusion: the failure of this confinement is that monopole fluxes are not used so that pinches destroying confinement can occur. Also hot fusion would become possible if colleagues would not stubbornly refuse to live in TGD Universe.

    Positively charged dark nuclei interact and generate dark photons and some fraction of them leaks out by transforming to ordinary photons. This can make the light saber visible. As a matter of fact, in TGD inspired quantum biology biophotons are ordinary photons resulting dark photons at magnetic flux tubes with energy spectrum in visible and UV and thus ideal for inducing molecular transitions.

  3. In order to do damage to the enemy you must be able to transform dark nuclei to ordinary ones so that the enemy finds himself in the midst of nuclear explosion and if this is not enough, is killed by radiation disease.

    Remark: LeClair claims that he got radiation disease in his experiments which he claims produce a lot ordinary nuclei by cavitation induced fusion.

    This process liberates a huge energy but only at the enemy's end. The liberate nuclear energy is higher than in ordinary nuclear fission or fusion since the binding energy of ordinary nuclei would be about thousand times higher than that of dark nuclei (taking the experimental data about laser induced fusion seriously). The liberated energy is essentially the total binding energy of the ordinary nuclei generated: much more than in ordinary nuclear fusion or fission. And the best of all: you need not worry about burning your fingers with hot plasmas!

    How to achieve all this destruction? Assume that the target is metal and therefore a conductor (Yes yes yes! Your enemy has probably left his metallic armour home. But let me still continue). Provide the metal with a surface charge density by putting it into electric field. You could combine the saber with slowly varying longitudinal electric field in the direction of beam. At the other side of the conductor the charge density is negative and attracts the positive charged dark nuclei at the flux tubes and some fraction of them decides to return back to the visible world and decays to ordinary nuclei producing gigantic energies and melting the metallic armour.

    Amazingly, this process have been claimed aeons ago by Brown but serious scientists have not taken the claims seriously. Brown's gas emitted in electrolysis (one manner to generate dark nuclei by bubble fusion in bubbles produced by the electric field) is claimed to melt metals although its temperature is measured using 100 degrees of Celsius as a natural unit. Also LeClair claims that his cavitation induced fusion generates nuclei of all elements at aluminium target and claims that any metal can be used. Corrosion of metals might have similar origin and electric power plants might have secretely served as dark nuclear power plants since the water coming to the turbine cavitates!

  4. The problem (or is it really a problem might my daughter - the mother of these two young owners of light sabers - ask), Brown's gas is claimed to have no effect on living matter! Biosystems somehow avoid the transformation of dark nuclei to ordinary ones. Biomatter would make ideal Jedi fighters and without the metallic armour even better ones! It would seem that the light saber could be used for technological purposes like melting metals. Neutron bomb destroys all living beings it leaves buildings intact. Light saber would destroy everything consisting of metal but spare the living creatures. Thinking twice this is after all a good thing!

    The ability of living matter to survive as Jedi fighters makes sense from Darwinistic point of view if living matter generates dark nuclei as the reported occurrence of biofusion suggests. Living matter should have developed tools to avoid uncontrolled transformation of dark nuclei to ordinary ones generating ultrahigh temperature evaporating living matter instantaneously. Since/if biomolecules are di-electrets they do not generate electronic surface charges in external electric field and the dark nuclei remain in their own dark world unless they are needed in useful purposes like building the shell of hen egg (here Ca is needed for this as also for buildup of bones)! Warning: do not apply your brand new light saber to living matter: this argument need not be quite water tight! DNA molecules carry constant negative charge per unit length!

    Remark: TGD inspired quantum biology indeed predicts that dark nuclear fusion indeed occurs in living matter routinely. The starting point Pollack's findings about generation of negatively charged bubbles (exclusion zones) explained as resulting as part of protons becomes dark and goes to the magnetic flux tubes and forms dark nuclei. Dark nuclear fusion is the outcome.

    Remark: There might be a connection to Lincoln's design of light saber based on plasma cutters. Charge separation occurs also in plasmas and could also lead to the generation of dark nuclei at magnetic flux tubes. Plasma cutters work best for conductors! Could the transformation of dark nuclei to ordinary ones occur at the metal end?

In case that you encounter some technical problems in the building of your own light saber, see the article Cold Fusion Again.

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Lol, this made me like star wars again said...

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Just the other day my sister said a cat named Lincoln was back after a 6 year hiatus somewhere , trapesing about the rural countryside , too much of a coincidence to, the symbolism is strong