Monday, December 14, 2015

Newest LHC Run 2 rumours

Today the first LHC Run 2 results will be announced and there will be a live webcast. There are already now rumours circulating.

  • Jester is tweeting a rumor about two photon bump at 750 GeV: differs only few percent from the naive calling estimate for the mass of M89 ρ and ω! There is however a problem: these mesons do not decay to gamma pairs! The effective interaction Lagrangian for photon and ρ is product of Maxwell action with the divergence of ρ vector field. ρ is massive. Could the divergence be non-vanishing and could the large mass of ρ make the decay rate high enough? No. The problem is that the divergence should vanish for on mass shell states also for massive ρ. Also off mass shell states with unphysical polarization of ρ near resonance are excluded since the propagator should eliminate time-like polarizations in the amplitude. Scalar, pseudoscalar, or spin 2 resonance is the only option.

    If the scaling factor is the naive 512 so that M89 pion would have mass about 70 GeV, there are several meson candidates with relative angular momentum L=1 for quarks assignable to string degrees of freedom in the energy region considered. The inspection of the experimental meson spectrum shows that the resonances in question are a0(1450), f0(1500), f2(1430), f2(1565) (the subscript tells the total spin) would have naively scaled up masses 725, 750, 715, 782.5 GeV. Also the states around 700 GeV could be explained. For scaling factor 2*512 one does not have any candidates so that the M89 pion has mass around 70 GeV. There have been indications about a bump in this region. The only interpretation for the claimed bump around 140 GeV for which there are some indications would be as p-adically scaled up state. If it turns out to be several resonances in 700 TeV region (and also elsewhere) then the only reasonable explanation relies on hadron like states since one cannot expect a large number of Higgs like elementary particles.

  • Tommaso Dorigo tells about indications for a di-boson bump at 2 TeV (see this). The particle should be neutral. Amusingly, by scaling electron mass from Mersenne prime M127 to Gaussian Mersenne M79 one one obtains in good accuracy 2 TeV. Unfortunately, neither electron nor selectron (electron + right handed neutrino or antineutrino in TGD) is neutral. Strange!

    Should check p-adic mass calculations whether quark-antiquark state with lowest generation (U or D type quark pair - recall genus-generation correspondence as explanation of family replication phenomenon in TGD) could have mass equal to electron mass.

    There has been also a rumour about bump at 4 TeV which brings in mind electro-pion - bound state of color octet excitations of electron - with mass very precisely 2 times electron mass for which evidence was found already at seventies but forgotten because light exotic does not conform with weak boson decay widths.

  • Lubos tells that ATLAS sees charged boson excess manifesting via decay to tb in the range .2-.6 TeV. Here Lubos takes the artistic freedom to talk about charged Higgs boson excess since Lubos still believes in standard SUSY predicting copies several Higgs doublets. In TGD framework the excess could be due to the presence of charged M89 mesons: pion, kaon, ρ,ω.

  • One must however notice that by scaling Higgs mass 125 GeV by 32 one obtains 4 TeV! Maybe the Higgs is there but in different sense than in standard SUSY! Could one have copy of weak physics with scale up gauge boson masses and Higgs masses waiting for us! Higgs would be second generation Higgs associated with second generation of weak bosons analogous to that for fermions predicted by TGD? Actually one would have octet associated with dynamical "generation color" symmetry SU(3) but neutral members of the octet are expected to be the lightest states. This Higgs would have also only neutral member after massivation and differ from SUSY Higgs also in this respect. The scaled up weak boson masses would be by scaling with factor 32 from 80.4 GeV for W and 91 GeV for Z would be 2.6 TeV and 2.9 TeV respectively. Lubos mentions also 2.9 GeV dilepton event: decay of second generation Z0?!

    There is already evidence for second generation gauge bosons from the evidence for the breaking of lepton universality. The couplings of second generation weak bosos depend on fermion generation because their charge matrices must be orthogonal to those of the ordinary weak bosons. The outcome is breaking of universality in both lepton and quark sector. An alternative explanation would be in terms leptoquarks, which in TGD framework are super partners of quarks identifiable as pairs of right-handed neutrinos and quarks.

We are living exciting times! If TGD is right, experimenters and theorists are forced to change their paradigm completely. Instead of trying to desperately to identify elementary particle predicted by already excluded theories like SUSY they must realize that there is entire zoo of resonances predicted by scaled up hadron physics. The enormous institutional inertia of recent day particle physics community will not make the paradigm shift easy.

For a more organised summary see New indications for the new physics predicted by TGD.

For a summary of earlier postings see Links to the latest progress in TGD.


Ulla said...

Second generation and Susy? said...

Maybe. As I told after this comment (writing this 2:47 in the morning). I lost my sleep since it became obvious that vector meson hypothesis does not work. The irony is that the bump has just the same mass as scaled up rho meson. This teases me (usually Chopin's valse 69 teases me: it just plays itself in my head!)

One could stretch up wishful imagination to extreme and argue that one has smeson: bound state of squark and antisquark with same mass as smeson- I considered this hypothesis years ago. ρ/ω meson would be scalar or pseudo scalar and decay to digamma. And I could sleep well;-).

I of course regard this as the last desperate attempt to save a dead hypothesis, which I considered only because phenomenology is not in my spine. Maybe it is just a cruel accident that the mass of the bump is scaled up rho mass and maybe the bump is not real;-). It the hypothesis happened to be correct, then indeed both SUSY abd second boson generation! said...

It turned out that the identification of possible existing bum around 770 GeV as meson resonance of M_89 hadron physics is possible. What a relief! Large number of resonances is expected and they observation would kill the models postulating some new elementary particles such as Higgs like states. There is indeed evidence also for 700 GeV bump. It might happen that these competitors of TGD will be eliminated within year or two.