Friday, September 06, 2013

Could photosensitive emulsions make dark matter visible?

The article "Possible detection of tachyon monopoles in photographic emulsions" by Keith Fredericks describes in detail very interesting observations by him and also by many other researchers about strange tracks in photographic emulsions induced by various (probably) non-biological mechanisms and also by the exposure to human hands (touching by fingertips) as in the experiments of Fredericks. That the photographic emulsion itself consists of organic matter (say gelatin) might be of significance.

The findings

The tracks have width between 5 μm-110 μm (horizontal) and 5 μm-460 μm (vertical). Even tracks of length up to at least 6.9 cm have been found. Tracks begin at some point and end abruptly. A given track can have both random and almost linear portions, regular periodic structures (figs 11 and 12), tracks can appear in swarms (fig. 24), bundles (fig. 25), and correlated pairs (fig. 16), tracks can also split and recombine (fig. 32) (here and below "fig." refers to a figure of the article .

Tracks differ from tracks of known particles: the constant width of track implies that electrons are not in question. No delta rays (fast electrons caused by secondary ionization appearing as branches in the track) characteristic for ions are present. Unlike alpha particle tracks the tracks are not straight. In magnetic fields tracks have parabolic portions whereas ordinary charged particle move along spiral. The magnetic field needed to cause spiral structure for charged baryons should be by two orders of magnitude higher than in the experiments. The explanation for parabolic portions in terms of magnetic monopole charge predicts that orbit is in a plane containing magnetic field rather than orthogonal to it. The tracks can split into a group of tracks which come together again. The tracks can have random portions and smoottly curved portions bringing in mind proteins. Track begin suddenly and disappear suddenly.

For particle physicist all these features - for instance constant width - strongly suggest pre-existing structures becoming visible for some reason. The pre-existing structure could of course correspond to something completely standard structures present in the emulsion. If one is ready to accept that biology involves new physics, it could be something more interesting.

Also evidence for cold fusion is reported by the group of Urutskoev. There is evidence for cold fusion in living matter: the fact that the emulsion contains gelatin might relate to this. Here a dark matter based mechanism of cold fusion allowing protons to overcome the Coulomb wall is discussed. Either dark protons or dark nuclei with much larger quantum size than usually would make this possible and protons could end up to the dark nuclei along dark flux tubes. In TGD inspired biology dark protons (large heff) with scaled up Compton length of order atomic size are proposed to play key role since their states allow interpretation in terms of vertebrate genetic code.

TGD inspired explanation

Dark matter in TGD based belief system corresponds to a hierarchy of phases of ordinary matter with an effective value heff of Planck constant coming as integer multiple of ordinary Planck constant. This makes possible macroscopic quantum phases consisting of dark matter. The flux tubes could carry magnetic monopole flux but the magnetic charge would be topological (made possible by the non-trivial second homology of CP2 factor of the 8-D imbedding space containing space-times as surfaces) rather than Dirac type magnetic charge.

The TGD inspired identification of tracks could be as images of magnetic flux tubes or bundles of them containing dark matter defining one of the basic new physics elements in TGD based quantum biology. One can imagine two options for the identification of the tracks as "tracks".

  1. The primary structures are in the photo-sensive emulsion.

  2. The structures in photograph are photographs of dark matter in external world, say structures in human hands or human body or of dark matter at some magnetic body, say at the flux tubes of the magnetic body of the emulsion.

The fact that the tracks have been observed in experimental arrangements not involving exposure to human hands, indeed suggests that tracks represent photographs about parts of the magnetic body assignable to the emulsion. For this option the external source would serve only as the source of possibly dark photons.

This would imply a close analogy with the experiments of Peter Gariaev's group interpreted in TGD framework as photographing of the magnetic body of DNA sample (see this). Also here one has an external source of light: the light would be transformed to dark photons in DNA sample, scatter from the dark charged particles at the flux tubes of the magnetic body of DNA sample, and return back transforming to ordinary light and generating the image in the photosensitive emulsion.

A detailed TGD based proposal for the tracks is discussed in the chapter Dark Forces and Living Matter and in the article Could photosensitive emulsions make dark matter visible?.

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Unknown said...
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Ulla said...

This is an awful situation. But they cannot destroy it, only do some harm?

L. Edgar Otto said...

Recall the elements of 76 Bicentinium 126 or so proved to be a false conclusion. The hype was in all the news and journals. (I mentioned on the radio I could not believe this... maybe if I held it in my hand.) The retractions were put in the back pages. Turns out the tracks were just echos in the mica.

Still, your instinct to try to find a sensor of some sort is right on and I have suggested from the beginning some better physical methods.

But if you mean organic you mean also the sensitivity of our brains or consciousness on a different level of physics... This of course raises the eyebrows of the established regime with some justification for caution... Tesla, Eddington, often totally ignored or with some physicists of established successes their mystical laps overlooked and not mentioned.

Lubos mentions Einstein had sound exposure to electronics and Maxwell's theories were complete (I keep thinking he reads our blogs even without a dialog). But those in the know see lack of explanations in Maxwell's symmetries (holes and electrons and the direction of current flow, or the speed of flow in a medium, eddy currents, monopoles and so on...) I find it interesting that our humble correspondent talks about wormholes in planes and mouths and black holes like anyone who imagines a higher physics or claims some sort of string theory should eventually conclude. A true theory does not exist unless he and his the discoverer apparently, so if he does not believe something deeper or more general concretely I quite imagine such organic holes are shielded from registering in his mind and vision. Where does the information go into the internet- lost or mangled? Your bright galaxy of ideas puts forth much more than the core of such galaxies was a sense whole and not lost.

Matti Pitkanen said...

To Ulla:

These fellows can cause a lot of harm. There are however good hopes that the old domain name can be taken at use next year at least if not earlier. I just wonder whether these petty criminals are doing it just for fun or are there some other motivations.

To Otto:

Lubos is a text book conformist and believes in authorities. He's views about physics are in need of through updating.

Anonymous said...

Matti. thanks for stating that. It's strange to see the Lubos worshippers gather at the foot of his blog

Matti Pitkanen said...

Some of us want to worship. Perhaps it makes possible to feel safe when there is someone who has final opinion about everything.