Monday, September 02, 2013

Sorry: problems with homepage again

My homepage was closed suddenly: before this it became impossible to transfer material to it. I am sorry for inconvenience. I cannot get any contact with the service provider : the emails are returned as trash with appropriate warnings. Neither are the questions send to service provider from web page for clients are not answered. I am getting help but it takes some time. This is not the first problematic situation with this particular service provider and I should have changed the service provider for long time ago.

These strange unexpected closure of the webpage is not the first one. Last time this occurred two years ago. Strangely enough that service is still available although I was told for almost two years ago that it will be closed. During these four years I have been forced to change homepage address twice meaning that TGD has disappeared totally from web: Helsinki University was responsible for the first cold shower. This would be the third time unless I manage to get contact with the service provider. If this is possible (and it should be if the service provider follows finnish law) then the contents of the homepage can be transferred to the new service provider without any changes in URLs. Otherwise TGD disappears from web again. I can only hope that plain sense wins and a contact with the service provider becomes possible.

In any case, all this looks very strange to me. As a long time scientific out-of-law in Finland I cannot avoid asking whether these strange events are really co-incidences.

Addition: I have now a new temporary domain name To get accdess to the file in URL it is enough to change "com" to "fi": this leads to temporary homepage

TGD books and articles are also in eprint archive: one can get a partial list about articles and books by giving my name in search. I found however that it is not possible to see all the articles. The technology does not work perfectly.

Articles about TGD are also in the journals of Huping Hu and also in Journal of Nonlocality edited by Lian Sidorov.

Addition: What makes me however happy that even string theorists are finally admitting that string approach has failed: something that I have been patiently telling for more than 30 years in vain and also provided the alternative. Leonard Susskind expressed his changed views quite recently. It is ironic that at the moment of victory I am doomed to disappear web.


L. Edgar Otto said...

Perhaps you can back up things on Google... in the cloud... so much is changing.

L. Edgar Otto said...

BTW could you explain to me how and why you use 19.

on my spheresend. blogspot com I have photos of a boat my son made and it was based on a Finish design his wife said... does it look familiar?

Matti Pitkanen said...

To Edgar Otto:

The change of the service provider is the correct thing to do. I get help in this. What I am afraid on basis of the earlier experiences about the recent service provider is that he is not able to behave rationally and decides to make my life as difficult as possible by refusing completely from communications. It is not easy to be visionary in a country like Finland: there are people who bitterly hate people like me.

I do not understand your question about number 19.

K.R.A.M. said...

Remember that I have archived selected essays of yours at . It might help at times like these - particularly for those who are new to your site.

Matti Pitkanen said...

To K.R.A.M.:

Thank your for readiness to help.

I already got help: my supporter found a new service provider who is reliabe and does his job well. It is possible to send material to the new page. It should also be possible to make it visible to public. At least I sincerely hope so. Here the old service provider might stll produce problems if he wants.

Matti Pitkanen said...


Well, the ex service provider wants to cause problems. He has completely disappeared and the site has expired.

Unless one gets the blessing of this swine for using the domain id, the site remains closed. Strange that this kind of situations are possible at all. I have we domain and have payed for it, and this idiot can prevent me from using it. I cannot avoid the feeling that there are powerful forces trying to hide TGD from the world.

Anonymous said...

Hi Matti, you can use to sort of "preserve" snapshots of webpages on the intertubes