Thursday, September 19, 2013

Homepage works again

To my surprise I noticed that homepage has started to work again. I have received no responses to my queries nor the key making possible the domain transfer. I hope that the page will work until next year: after that domain transfer to a new service provider should be possible since the recent domain name expires. I am sorry for inconvenience.


Ulla said...

Congratulations. Sometimes also good things happen. But these webhotels are difficult, and especially if for free. Often there is some "hakaneula" :)

Hope everything is well now.

L. Edgar Otto said...

So, will you back up all of your pages somewhere... tetragig flash drives are not that expensive now.

Matti Pitkanen said...

To Otto:

I have of course backup. The problem was that all links to the homepage became obsolete.

To Ulla:

This webhotel was not free as the name of service provider suggests! Everything is ok now and I hope I manage to change service provider in January. Now communications have turned out to be impossible.

L. Edgar Otto said...

I see, things do get complicated this way, and links can fade over time and news technology bases.

Cross links in a forum make it too hard for following everything, more than the hard drives can save sometimes...

The fault is in our design of programming... going back to the now flow idea in java script may make a lot of sense, especially in these times of cloud programming.

You do not show up on my smartphone at all, but I did think about downloading what I could. Virtual manuscripts are not that much better than paper... but we try to save what we can. Leonardo's work is only a tenth of what he made.

L. Edgar Otto said...

No flow not now flow... I can access right now the .com from this pc