Saturday, December 27, 2014

Also Matt Strassler realises that LHC does not prove Higgs mechanism

It is nice to find that I am not anymore the only one trying to tell to the particle physics community that LHC has proven only the existence of Higgs, not Higgs vacuum expectation as a source of particle masses. Particle physicist and particle physics blogger Matt Strassler indeed says what I have been repeatedly saying about Higgs for two decades. Unfortunately, I missed the posting of Strassler which had appeared already at October - thanks for Ulla for the link at Thinking Allowed Original.

Because of the importance of the message - especially so for particle physicists - I repeat it: the experiments at LHC do not prove anything about Higgs mechanism, they just demonstrate the existence of Higgs like particle. Higgs can have gradient coupling to the fermions so that scattering amplitudes become proportional to the mass. Particle massivation could happen quite differently and in TGD framework p-adic thermodynamics would be responsible for it. Higgs vacuum expectation in standard model provides only a parametrisation of fermion masses: it does not predict anything. That gauge bosons "eat" complex Higgs doublet almost totally only says in popular manner the fact that it is possible to choose a gauge in which only one component of Higgs is non-vanishing and weak bosons have third polarisation state and can be massive.

The reader interested on TGD view about particle massivation that I discovered for twenty years ago can for instance consult the book "p-Adic length scale hypothesis and dark matter hierarchy".

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