Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Sensory organs as seats of primary sensory qualia and memory recall as seeing in time direction

There were two very interesting links in Thinking Allowed Original related to neuroscience. Thanks to Ulla for doing all the hard work and thanks also to the participants for providing these links. It is a pity that I do not have time for more comments.

The first link was about the relationship of visual perception and imagination. Sensory input is signalling from bottom to top: from retina to the cortex (and to magnetic body in TGD Universe). Now it has been learned that imagination proceeds from to to botton.

Upside down character of imagination is to my opinion a very deep result supporting the TGD view that sensory organs give rise to the primary sensory experience - qualia - rather than brain, which would perform the conceptualization, division of perceptive field to objects with names, forming of associations, etc.. This requires virtual sensory input as feedback from brain to sensory organs, which drives the sensory mental images to standard ones by kind of iteration. Our view about the world is art work, not one-to-one copy. That our eyes move during REM sleep is one piece of support for this picture. This top-down character of imagination might also relate to the fact that the retina (or some part of it, do not remember exact details) is upside down: this looks idiotic from the engineering point of view but could be perhaps understood in TGD framework. Instead of optimal input from outside world one would have an optimal input from the internal world (dark photon signals (producing biophotons in heff reducing photon energy conserving phase transitions could be rather weak).

Imagined pictures would be due to virtual sensory input from associative cortex (or even magnetic body) to lower levels and down to retina whereas the dark photons would generate virtual sensory input "from within". Ordinary visual input would be from the outside world. During dreams the virtual sensory in put would not be masked by genuine sensory input. During hallucinations virtual sensory input would be also so strong that masking would not occur. Of course, there could exist also a mechanism which halts the virtual sensory input in hallucinations so that it does not proceed down to the level of retina in ordinary wake-up consciousness: this could fail for schizophrenics and perhaps also during hypnosis. The analog of this kind of mechanism would be associated with the motor imagination and prevent actual motor actions (say during dreams).

Second link was related to memory. Altzheimer patients can get back their memories. This finding supports the TGD vision inspired by zero energy ontology (ZEO) about memory. TGD brain is 4-dimensional and basic memories are in geometric past where (rather than when;-)) the event happened. Of course copies can be made and learning builds these so that the space-time surface contains a lot of copies of memories. To recall is to send negative energy dark photon signal to geometric past reflected back in time direction from some copy of the memory and produces it image in geometric now: seeing in time direction is in question.

The ability of Altzheimer patients to get back their memories would not be due to restorage of memories: the primary memories would be still there in the geometric past and there would be no need to restore or regenerate them. The ability to recall memories - that is the ability to send these negative energy signals to geometric past and/or to receive them - would be regained.


Ulla said...

I do this on my free time, a try to bend minds :) I have the idea of water, soft, but in the end so effective... God knows how it ends :)
The new Quantum Biology group would also need members, if you know someone interested...NOT bullying types.

Now I plan to link in carbon mechanisms too, but first these enzymes... And some schemas over their ev. quantum functions.

Matpitka@luukku.com said...

It is nice to enjoy civilised discussion. Rare luxury in science blogs;-). I do not have time or energy to search for links and links to various new findings are really useful. Carbon has remained somehow an unread chapter for me in biology. No big ideas about it although it is so fundamental. Liking here to QB would bring curious people but I am not sure whether you want to make QB public.

Ulla said...

No, I want to avoid 'besserwissers'. I have spent enough time fighting rigorous minds. But if someone ask you can tell?