Thursday, December 11, 2014

How transition from dark life to biochemical life could have taken place?

Ulla gave in the comment section of previous posting a link to article Hydrogen cyanide polymers, comets and the origin of life helping me to discover a new big gap in my knowledge about biology. HCN is everywhere and Miller demonstrated in his classic experiments
that 11 out of 20 amino-acids emerge in presence of HCN. It has been later found that well over 20 amino-acids were produced. In my own belief system amino-acids could have appeared first as concrete something "real" and DNA as symbolic representations of this something "real". First at dark matter level and then biochemically.

In TGD Universe one can imagine - with inspiration coming partially from Pollack's experiments - that dark variants DNA, RNA and amino-acids were realized first as dark proton sequences at flux tubes- dark nuclei - I call them just dark DNA, RNA and amino-acids although dark proton sequences are in question. The genetic machinery involving translation and transcription was realized as dark variant and dark DNA was a symbolic representation for dark amino-acids.

How did this dark life give rise to bio-chemical life as its image? This is the question! I can only imagine some further questions.

  1. Was this process like master teaching to a student a skill? Master does it first, and then student mimics. If so, the emergence of amino-acids, mRNA and DNA polymers would not have been purely chemical process. Dark variants of these polymers would have served as templates for the formation of ordinary basic biopolymers, for transcription, and for translation. These templates might have been necessary in order to generate long RNA and DNA sequences: mere chemistry might have not been able to achieve this. Without dark polymers one obtains only bio-monomers, with dark polymers as template one obtains also bio-polymers. Dark polymers would have been the plan, biopolymers the stuff used to build.

  2. Are dark DNA, RNA, amino-acids, etc indeed still there and form binary structures with their biochemical variants as I have indeed proposed?

  3. Are dark translation and transcription processes still an essential part of ordinary translation and transcription? Master-student metaphor suggest that these dark processes actually induce them just like replication of magnetic body could induce the replication of DNA or cell. Visible chemistry would only make visible the deeper "dark chemistry". Apologies for all biochemists who have done heroic work in revealing chemical reaction paths!;-)

How the process assigning biochemical life to dark life could have proceeded? The minimalistic guess is that the only thing that happened was that dark life made itself gradually visible! As a consciousness theoretician I have a temptation to see religious statements as hidden metaphors, at least they provide an excellent manner to irritate skeptics: Dark matter - "the God" made us- the biological life - to its own image;-).

  1. First dark amino-acid sequences were accompanied by ordinary amino-acid sequences so that the dark translation process had now a visible outcome. At this step the presence of HCN was crucial and made the step unavoidable. Also the presence of template was necessary.

  2. Dark mRNA got a visible counterpart in the same manner: the presence of template made possible long RNA polymers. The translation remained basically dark process but made visible by mRNA.

  3. Dark DNA got a visible companion: again the presence of the template was and still is crucial.

What about generation of DNA and RNA? It is known that in reducing atmosphere DNA and RNA nucleobasis are obtained in an environment believed to mimick prebiotic situation: the presence of HCN and ammonia are necessary (see this). Reducing atmosphere does not oxidize, in other worlds does not contain oxygen and other oxidizing agents and can contain also actively reducing agents such as hydrogen, carbon monoxide. There are however some problems.
  1. There is evidence that early Earth atmosphere contained less reducing molecules than thought during times of Miller. If life emerged in the underground water reservoirs as TGD strongly suggests, the usual atmosphere was absent and there are good hopes about reducing atmosphere.

  2. The experiments using reducing gases besides those used in Miller's experiments produce both left and right handed polymers so that chiral selection is missing. This is not a surprise since weak interactions generate extremely small parity breaking for visible matter. If dark proton strings or even dark nuclei are involved, the Compton length of weak gauge bosons can be of the order of atomic length scale or even longer and weak interactions would be as strong as electromagnetic interactions. Therefore chiral selection becomes possible. The simplest option is that chirality selection occurred already for the helical magnetic flux tubes and induced that of biopolymers.
To sum up, it seems that the pieces fit nicely!

For details and references see the new chapter Criticality and dark matter of "Hyper-finite factors and hierarchy of Planck constants" or the article Criticality and dark matter.


Ulla said...

Can one say that a reducing atm. creates entangled states, and this would be responsible for the darkness? This also then creates bid scales and maybe the holographic top-down regulation? said...

No. Reducing atmosphere makes possible generation of amino-acids from HCN and other stuff and their stable existence.

One vision is that most of matter was dark once and has gradually transformed to ordinary matter. For instance formation of planets would mean gradual formation of dark matter at their orbits to ordinary matter. This is of course only one option.

Dark analogs of DNA,RNA, amino acids, tRNA (dark proton sequences) would serve as templates for the formation of polymers: polymer formation by ordinary chemistry is known to be difficult for RNA and chirality problem is second problem besides the fact that reducing atmosphere might have not been present.

Dark proton sequences at flux tubes associated with negatively charged exclusion zones generated by energy feed inside underground water reservoirs (without atmosphere(!) and shielding from meteor bombardment and cosmic rays), and metabolic energy feed as dark photons transforming to bio-photons before the use. This would be roughlt the recipe for building of new life forms. Bible tells that also God - as it calls dark matter - used the recipe: "Alussa oli pimeys vetten päällä";-).

Most of biochemistry's explanatory problems disappear when magnetic flux tubes with dark matter are introduced.

Ulla said...

Again, if the reduced states with much H is more quantal than Oxygenated states, they are also enlarged. So they get entangled? In the meaning of 'sensing' bigger areas at least.