Sunday, September 20, 2015

"Invisible magnetic fields" as dark magnetic fields

A further victory for the notion of dark magnetic fields: scientstists create a "portal" that conceals electromagnetic fields (see this). The popular article talks about wormholes and invisible magnetic fields. A couple of comments about the official terminology are in order.

"Wormhole" is translation of "flux tube carrying monopole current". Since TGD is "bad" science, "wormhole" is the correct wording although it does not have much to do with reality. Similar practice is applied by stringy people when they speak of wormholes connecting blackholes. The original TGD terminology talks about partonic 2-surfaces and magnetic flux tubes but again: this is "bad" science. Reader can invent an appropriate translation for "bad".

"Invisible magnetic field" translates to "dark magnetic field carrying monopole flux". Dark magnetic fields give rise to one of the basic differences between TGD and Maxwellian theory. These magnetic fluxes can exist without generating currents. This makes them especially important in early cosmology since they explain the long range magnetic fields having no explanation in standard cosmology. Super-conductivity is second application and central in TGD inspired quantum biology.

What is fantastic that technology based on TGD is now being created without a slightest idea that it is technology based on TGD (really;-)?- sorry for my alter ego, which does not understand the importance of political correctness). Experimenters have now created a magnetic field for which flux travels from position to another as invisible flux. The idea is to use flux, which propagates radially from point (in good approximation) through a spherical super-conductor and is forced to run along dark flux tubes by Meissner effect.

Indeed, in TGD based model of super-conductor the supracurrents flow along dark flux tubes as dark Cooper pairs through super-conductor (see the earlier posting). Since magnetic field cannot penerate on super-conductor they travel along dark flux tubes carrying magnetic monopole fluxes and supra currents.

One of the applications is to guide magnetic fluxes to desired positions in MRI. Precisely targeted communication and control in general. This is one of the basic ideas of TGD inspired quantum biology.

See the chapter Criticality and dark matter.

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