Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The effects of psychedelics as a key to the understanding of remote mental interactions?

There is a book about psychedelics titled as "Inner paths to outer space: Journies to Alien Worlds through Psychedelics and Other Spiritual Technics" written by Rick Strassman, Slawek Wojtowicz, Luis Eduardo Luna and Ede Frecska (see this). The basic message of the book is that psychedelics might make possible instantaneous remote communications with distant parts of the Universe. The basic objection is that light velocity sets stringent limits on classical communications. Second objection is that the communications require huge amount of energy unless they are precisely targeted. The third objection is that quantum coherence in very long, even astrophysical scales is required. In TGD framework this argument does not apply.

In Zero Energy Ontology (ZEO) communications in both directions of geometric time are possible and kind of time-like zig-zag curves make possible apparent superluminal velocities. Negentropic quantum entanglement provides second manner to share mental images, say sensory information remotely. The proposed model leads to a general idea that the attachment of information molecules such as neurotransmitters and psychedelics to a receptor as a manner to induce a remote connection involving transfer of dark potons signals in both directions of geometric time to arbitrarily long distances. The formation of magnetic flux tube contact is a prerequisite for the connection having interpretation as direct attention or sense of presence. One can see living organisms as systems continually trying to build this kind of connections created by a reconnection of U-shaped flux tubes serving as magnetic tentacles. Dark matter as a hierarchy of phases with arbitrary large value of Planck constants guarantees quantum coherence in arbitrary long scales.

The natural TGD inspired hypothesis about what happens at the level of brain to be discussed in sequel in detail goes as follows.

  1. Psychedelics bind to the same receptors as the neurotransmitters with similar aromatic rings (weaker assumption is that neurotransmitters in question possess aromatic rings). This is presumably consistent with the standard explanation of the effect of classical psychedelics as a modification of serotonin uptake. This binding replaces the flux tube connection via neurotransmitter to some part of the personal magnetic body with a connection via psychedelic to some other system, which might be even in outer space. A communication line is created making among other things possible remote sensory experiences.

    Magnetic fields extending to arbitrary large distances in Maxwell's theory are replaced with flux tubes in TGD framework. The magnetic bodies of psychedelics would carry very weak magnetic fields and would have very large heff - maybe serving as a kind of intelligence quotient.

  2. This would be like replacing the connection to the nearby computer server with a connection to a server at the other side of the globe. This would affect the usual function of transmitter and possibly induce negative side effects. Clearly, TGD inspired hypothesis gives for the psychedelics much more active role than standard hypothesis.

  3. Phychedelics can be classified into two groups depending on whether they contain derivative of amino-acid trp with two aromatic rings or phe with one aromatic ring. Also DNA nucleotide resp. its conjugate have 2 resp. 1 similar aromatic rings. This suggests that the coupling between information molecule and receptor is universal and same as the coupling between the two bases in DNA double strand and consists of hydrogen bonds. This hypothesis is testable since it requires that the trp:s/phe:s of the information molecule can be brought to same positions as phe:s/trp:s in the receptor. If also protein folding relies on this coupling, one might be able to predict the folding to a high degree.

  4. A highly suggestive idea is that molecules with aromatic rings are fundamental conscious entities at the level of molecular biology, and that more complex conscious entities are created from them by reconnection of flux tubes. DNA/RNA sequences and microtubules would be basic examples about this architecture of consciousness. If so, protein folding would be dictated by the formation trp-phe contacts giving rise to larger conscious entities.

See the chapter Meditation, Mind-Body Medicine and Placebo: TGD point of view of "TGD Based View about Consciousness, Living Matter, and Remote Mental Interactions" or the revised article Psychedelic induced experiences as key to the understanding of the connection between magnetic body and information molecules?.

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