Monday, November 21, 2016

About interactions of selves and their time reversals (and few words about ghosts)

I have been thinking about the time-reversed zero energy states and corresponding conscious entities predicted by Zero Energy Ontology (ZEO). I find that forcing myself to even write about this is difficult. The fear is that the whole nice scenario falls down by predicting something totally absurd. I however force myself to make the questions. What could these ghostly time-reversed entities be? Do they interact with those with standard time orientation? How could they do so?

In ZEO self corresponds to a generalized Zeno effect that is sequence of state function reductions leaving the passive boundary of CD unaffected as also the members of state pairs associated with 3-surfaces at it. At active boundary the members of state pairs change and the active boundary drifts reduction by reduction farther away from passive boundary. The temporal distance between the tips of CD increases gradually and corresponds to the experience about flow of time.

Negentropy Maximization Principle (NMP) forces eventually self to die by making the first reduction to the passive boundary of its causal diamond (CD), which now becomes the active boundary: a new time reversed self is born. This option is forced because it produces more negentropy. For this self the arrow of geometric time would be opposite since now the formerly passive boundary would be active and shift in opposite direction of time: in this manner CD would steadily increase in size.

Also the time-reversed self would eventually die and make the first reduction to the opposite - the original - boundary of CD. The position of the boundary of active boundary in first reduction would be shifted to the geometric future from the original position. The first and - as will be found - probably wrong guess for the size of shift towards geometric future from the position at the moment of previous death would be as the average increase of the temporal distance between tips of CD during Zeno period. This increment could be rather small as compared to the size of CD itself.

This picture raises questions.

  1. Do we make this kind jump to time-reverse life at some level of our personal self hierarchy as we fall sleep? If wake-up period corresponds to re-incarnation in the original time direction, time increment of CD from its previous value would be the duration of sleeping period as seen by a larger conscious system. This is much longer than the subjective chronon for sensory mental images about .1 seconds.

    Remark: Note that EEG splits to pieces of duration about 300 ms as found by Fingelkurz brothers (see this) and it might be possible to identify in EEG periods, which correspond to mental images and their time reversals. These periods could differ by a phase conjugation although the power spectrum would have the same typical behavior (sound wave and its phase conjugate have same power spectrum but we can distinguish sound and its time-reversal from each other).

    Could the first big reduction correspond to a time increment, which is of the same order of magnitude as the total time duration of life-cycle of the time-reversed self? The size of 3-surfaces at the boundary of time-reversed CD has increased by about life-time. Could the first reduction to the opposite boundary increase the size of the 3-surface at this boundary by the same amount? If so, the re-incarnations for human life cycles would take roughly life-time after the death.

    Could one identify negative energy time reversed signal as time-reversed self at some level of hierarchy? If so
    then the selves associated with CDs could gradually increase their energy by dying and re-incarnating repeatedly since the opposite boundary would increase also the magnitude of the negative energy at the opposite boundary. This is in principle possible since conservation laws hold true by the very definition of zero energy states as well as for classical time evolutions appearing in their quantum superposition. The average energy for a given member of pair defining zero energy state would increase gradually. The size of the CD associated with re-incarnating self could become arbitrary large and gain an arbitrary high total energy: the wildest speculation is that cosmologies correspond to very large selves (see this).

  2. Could selves/systems living in opposite directions of time have direct interactions? If the vision that motor actions are realized as negative energy signals travelling to brain of the geometric past and induce neural activity fraction of second earlier than the conscious decision was made (Libet's finding), this could be the case. Motor action could correspond to a death of sensory self, reincarnation as time-reversed motor-self, and a re-incarnation as sensory self in time scale of .1 seconds. Sensory-motor cycle would correspond to a sequence of re-incarnations as time reversed sub-self.

  3. How the time reversed selves could reveal themselves? If their presence can be indeed detected, a key signature would be the opposite direction of the thermodynamical arrow of time for them. Heat would be apparently transferred in wrong direction: from cold to hot. This kind of apparent breakings of second law have been observed: phase conjugate laser waves and acoustic signals represent examples of this. Fantappie suggested that they occur routinely in living matter and introduce the notion of syntropy as time reverse counterpart of entropy. The strange cooling of the air at magnetic walls associated with the rotating magnetic systems (see this) provides second example.

  4. Good music is claimed to send cold shivers in spine and sensations of cold are assigned also with the perception of ghosts. Could the claims about encounters of ghosts be due to a perception of time reversed selves? I remember that in my personal great experience for three decades ago the entire body went into a state analogous to that created by a good music. Did I interact with a time reversed conscious entity? My experience indeed was that I was in contact with what I called Great Mind. This is of course just a subjective experience and the skeptic scientist knows that I was in a psychotic state since it is completely obvious from my scientific work even without reading it that I am a madman;-).

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