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Weight change for electrets and "weight of soul"

Also the weight of electrets have been found to change as the Research Gate conference article or Schreiber and Tajmar reports (see this). They refer also to other works reporting anomalous looking weight changes. Recall that electrets are systems possessing spontaneous electric polarization and therefore analogous to magnets. Electret property allows to transform electric signals to mechanical and vice versa. Living systems are full of electrets.

Electrets were produced from organic materials (organic origin might be relevant) by a procedure described in the article beginning with melting at temperature 120 degrees Celsius to a molten state followed by an application of an external high voltage (10 kV) electrostatic field forcing the microscopic electric dipoles to orient in parallel leading to complete solidification until room temperature was reached.

Fig. 3 describes the schematic model for the resulting electret containing parallel electric dipoles and free positive and negative charges. The polarization of the electret its not completely stable and can change or disappear. There are two kinds of free charges near the ends of the electret: the region near negative pole contains more positive than negative charges and the region near positive pole more negative than positive charges. There are two kinds of charges known as heterocharges and homocharges and these charges have different relaxation times. Therefore the relaxation can lead to change of the polarization voltage and even of its direction.

Two kinds of measurement were performed. Both the resulting polarization of electret and its weight were measured in the first experiment (see Fig. 7 of this). The voltage for these electrets changed after half an hour: the voltage dropped first from 3 kV to about 2.82 kV and then suddenly jumped to 3.425 kV. The weight showed after an initial fluctuation period a sharp increase to a saturation value taking place after 5.5 hour so that there was 5 hour lag. For an unpolarized electret the weight was found to increase steadily (see Figure 9 of this). The overall change of the weight during 20 hours was Δ g/g∼ 2× 10-4 in both measurements.

The change of the electric field of the polarized electret was accompanied by an increase of weight followed by a fluctuating period with vanishing average weight increase followed by a sudden increase after 5 hours followed by steady increase. The overall change in both cases was about Δ g/g∼ 2× 10-4. Maybe the behavior of polarized electret could be seen as that of a depolarized electret perturbed by the change in the value of polarization. There was 5 hour lag before the sudden change in Δ g/g: as if the steady weight increase occurring for electret with no polarization had been prevented by the change of the polarization and transformed to a fluctuation lasting for about 5 hours before returning to nearly normal value.

The challenge is to understand the cause of weight increase and why it was affected by the change in polarization.
The models for the weight change of a rotating magnetic system and for the weight change induced by the presence of light-box suggests that the continual feed of dark photons transformed to ordinary photons was involved. One can consider two options in this framework: the electret sends negative energy dark photons to some system below the electret able to receive them or the source system located above the electret sends positive energy dark photons to the electret.

  1. Since the electret system consists of organic material one might think that it could still be able to regenerate a connection to its magnetic body carrying magnetic field - say the endogenous magnetic field Bend=.2 Gauss. Perhaps the transformation to electret returned the ability to regenerate this connection by generating an ordered phase of dipoles: could one say that the external field "revived the organic material.

  2. The magnetic body located above the system send dark positive energy photons to the electret in which they are partially transformed to ordinary photons. Bend can have flux tubes also below the Earth's surface and the electret could get energy by remote metabolism by sending negative energy dark photons downwards constantly. This would give rise to a increase of the effective weight.

What other models can one imagine?
  1. One can also imagine that dark mass of order Δ m/m∼ 2× 10-4 flows from magnetic body to the system and transforms to ordinary matter.

  2. I have already earlier encountered the number 2× 10-4 assigned with endogenous magnetic field BE=.2 Gauss . The proposed interpretation was that the flux tubes of Bend correspond to gravitational flux tubes for dark mass MD∼ 2× 10-4 ME . Could one think that the revived system regenerates gravitational flux tube connections to this mass and experiences the gravitational field generated by it?

    The arguments used however strongly suggest that MD must reside at the distance of Moon at a spherical layer: this conforms with the vision about how the condensation of visible matter around dark matter creates the astrophysical objects. In Newton's theory however the net gravitational force should be very small at the surface of Earth since different contributions to the force would interfere. MD should reside considerably below the surface of Earth for this model to make sense.

    Flux tube picture distinguish between TGD and Newton's theory could however save the situation: the gravitational flux would arrive along flux tubes through wormhole contacts below the surface of Earth and then spread out radially and give an additional contribution to the Earth's gravitational field and cause the weight increase. This explanation does not apply to rotating magnetic systems nor to the change of weight due to light.

    The objection is that the system cannot just decouple from the flux tubes. Also the conservation of gravitational flux which could correspond basically to the conservation of Kähler magnetic monopole flux prevents this.

  3. The third option is that the mass of electret has also dark contribution coming perhaps from its own personal MB - its "soul"! MB as intentional agent indeed behaves in many respect like "soul". This is just what I have proposed many years ago: as the ageing biological body gets uninteresting, MB finds more interesting target of attention. In this case death would mean the loss of MB and also loss of weight Δ m/m≈ 2× 10-4. Also Earth could have magnetic body and it could indeed correspond to the dark mass at distance of Moon if the ratio MD/M is universal.

    Also Earth could have MB and it could indeed correspond to the dark mass at distance of Moon. Could the flux tubes from Earth carrying monopole flux go at this distance to another space-time sheet through wormhole contacts carrying quantum numbers of dark matter particles at their throats and return near Earth's core, where they would return to the original space-time sheet and turn back to form a loop? Could these loops be just elementary particles with heff=hgr?

An interesting test is to see what happens as organism dies: is it weight changed - reduced - as these experiments would suggest? For a weight of 100 kg the weight reduction would be 20 g if one can extrapolate from the above measurements. Amusingly, the "weight of soul" has been measured and - believe or not - the average result is 21 g (see this! Of course, one can invent many explanations for the weight change and also challenge its occurrence, and skeptics of course ridiculize the idea about detecting the possible weight change because some-one has uttered the word "soul" in this context.

For details see the article The anomalies in rotating magnetic systems as a key to the understanding of morphogenesis?

For a summary of earlier postings see Latest progress in TGD.

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Ulla said...

Researchers have revealed that MacDougall's experimental results were flawed, due to the limitations of the available equipment at the time, a lack of sufficient control over the experimental conditions, and the small sample size.
So maybe some carefulness? Also, a magnetic body should be massless, but maybe still have some impacts on gravity?

Matti Pitkänen said...

The experiments of McDougall might be of course wrong and I just mentioned them as a curiosity. I am not starting from McDougall's experiments to build TGD!!

Equally clear it is that Wikipedia are reflects faithfully the prevailing skeptic world view and one should not take it too seriously. Just by reading the articles about -say- cold fusion one realized that the views are extremely partial and malevolent: Wikipedia is communication tool for those in academic power.

The reason I mentioned them is just this funny 21 g accident: TGD gives the estimate 20 mg. The fact is in TGD framework some parts of magnetic body decouple from biological body and they have some weight.

Magnetic body is not of course massless!! It has magnetic energy and volume energy due to scaled dependent cosmological constant which is much larger in short scales than in cosmological scales plus the mass of the dark particles at it. The estimate M_D/M= 2*10^(-4) in the case of Earth came from the model for fountain effect in superfluidity and for the Flyby anomaly detected for satellites. In spirit of scaling invariant a reasonable guess is that this rule holds true generally.

Ulla said...

Just mass and weight are different entities.

Matti Pitkänen said...

Mass and weght course are different. Weight as gravitational mass is deduced from the acceleration experienced assuming that there are no other unidentified forces. Also the value of G is deduced in this manner basically.

In the ideal case one obtains gravitational mass or G in this kind of experiment. The detected fluctuations in G and weight demonstrate that there are other forces involed: the proposal of TGD is that there is additional force corresponding to momentum transfer by dark photons.

A test for the idea that genuine fluctuation of gravitational force is involved would be test for whether the fractional weight change is independent on the mass of the system. If so, then the effect is some other force is involved.

There are proposals that there is antigravity involved. I considered this kind of option in TGD framework for decades ago but found it implausible.

The behavior of superfluids in gravitational field is fasctinatingly gravitation defying and I have already earlier written about and here quantum coherence due to h_gr could be present. Superfluid climbs out of the vessel. One can even consider the possibility that the magnetic body being large is the experiencer of gravitational force so that it is average value about gravitational force at much larger height and therefore smaller.

Chiralex.kita said...

My Electret and Gravity Attenuation Patent US8901943 is listed here with a few interesting comments. Ron Kita, Chiralex DoylestownPa

Matti Pitkänen said...

Thak you for information.

Anonymous said...

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