Tuesday, December 12, 2017

DMT: connector to God or bio-chemical waste?

In FB I got a link to a very interesting article about DMT. DMT is psychedelic or hallucinogen - depending on one's attitudes. DMT is used for spiritual and healing purposes in many cultures. The effect is short-lasting: from 5 to 15 minutes. DMT induces mystical experiences, euphoria, dynamical geometric hallucinations of geometric forms, experiences about meeting of higher intelligences, extraterrestrials, elves, and even God.

First some facts about DMT.

  1. DMT is found in both plants and animals and is the only naturally occurring psychedelic. Its occurrence in the pineal gland of rodents and therefore also of mammals has been reported.

  2. Chemically DMT is a structural analog of serotonin and melatonin and involves aromatic 6-cycle and 5-cycle with common edge appearing in amino-acid tryptophan. Also DNA nucleotides A and G have this double cycle structure but have however more than one nitrogen atom.

  3. The biosynthesis of DMT from amino-acid L-tryptophan (occurring endogenously in plants but not in animals) has been detected in rabbit's lungs. Whether DMT is produced by brain is still an unsettled question. It has been even argued that DMT is mere waste.

    In TGD framework aromatic cycles serve as indication that molecule contains paired valence electrons with the value of heff/h=n higher than its standard value: this explains the delocalization of electrons to longer than atomic length scale. n would serve as a kind of intelligence quotient: the larger the value of n is, the larger the maximal value of entanglement negentropy of the system is (understanding of this statement requires going outside the framework of the mathematical framework of standard physics: I call this framework adelic physics).

    In this picture the interpretation as a waste does not look sensible and the proposal that DMT is produced by brain or some other parts of body looks more reasonable. Biology does not usually manufacture anything without purpose. Especially so, if the manufacturing process requires metabolic energy. The biosynthesis of DMT from tryptophan does not occur spontaneously and requires N-methyltransferase enzyme as a catalyst. Also the highly non-trivial positive effects of DMT on consciousness suggests that it cannot be waste.

To understand what the purpose of DMT could be, one must have some idea about sensory perception in TGD Universe (I have already earlier written about DMT and psychedelics, see this).
  1. TGD view about sensory perception relies on the idea that sensory qualia are at the level of sensory organs: this view makes sense if one accepts macroscopic quantum coherence (see this). TGD based view about time (zero energy ontology (ZEO)) allow to circumvent basic objections such as phantom leg: pain in phantom leg would be sensory memory of pain and in geometric past when the leg still existed. These sensory memories can be produced by stimulating parietal lobes in any subject person. One also avoids the challenge of explaining why structures consisting of essentially identical neutrons can produce so different sensory qualia.

  2. This model however requires virtual visual feedback from brain realized as dark photons, which leak to ordinary photons identifiable as biophotons with energied in visible and UV range. The presence of virtual visual input could explain why the retina has inverted structure not expected in engineerish thinking.

    Sensory percept would be an artwork created by the perceiver. This conforms with the fact that when congenitally blind people receive their vision, they report only seeing of diffuse light. The percept would be a standardized sensory mental images emerging as an outcome of iteration in which dark photons signals travel forth and back and give rise to a pattern recognition by transforming sensory input to standardized input nearest to it.

  3. Dark photon signals would travel along magnetic flux tubes between brain to sensory organs and even between brain and magnetic body (MB) in much longer scales. Flux tubes would gives rise to a connection network analogous to a telephone network. This network would have permanent part and dynamical part consisting of switches allowing to connect two flux tubes to single flux tube by a short bridge. Information molecules such as neurotransmitters, hormones, and messengers could act as switches/bridges: as the information molecule attaches to a receptor, the bridge is formed and signals can propagate.

    Also nerve pulses could induce flux tube bridges between neurons of the neuronal pathway by using neurotransmitters and learning as amplification of synaptic connections would be essentially the gradual stabilization of these flux tube bridges. Nerve pulse patterns need not serve as communications inside brain but could only make possible communications in much shorter time scales using dark photons. For 1 meter long axons about million forth and back signals are possible during millisecond.

    Nerve pulses would however frequency modulate Josephson radiation from the generalized Josephson junctions defined by membrane proteins serving as ion channels. This modulation would code nerve pulse patterns to signals to MB mediated by EEG: EEG could also have fractally scaled variants corresponding to various layers of MB. This would explain the function of EEG.

  4. Virtual sensory input need not always end up down to the sensory organs: there would be some kind of blocking stopping the virtual sensory input to higher level so that one would have only almost sensory percept: an imagined sensory experience. The virtual sensory input associated with imagination could proceed along different route than that associated with the buildup of percept. Also imagined motor actions would be halted motor actions. During REM sleep the blocking would not be present and the virtual sensory input would enter to sensory organs, in particular retina.

  5. Pineal gland represents a kind of photoreceptor, "third eye", which still serves as eye in some animals. Could the dark photons involved with imagination be received in pineal gland. Could they continue to travel to sensory organs during dreams and hallucinations? Pineal gland would be an organ of imagination besides serving as seat of soul! What is nice from the point of view of biological economy is that pineal gland would not be useless evolutionary remnant but would have found a new function.

Accepting this schematic view one can ask about the possible function of DMT.
  1. DMT molecules could make possible REM dreams by providing the bridges making possible the propagation of dark photons to the retina. Pineal gland would be the natural relay station. Same mechanism could work for other sensory modalities if dark photons mediate the virtual sensory input transformed to ordinary percept at sensory organs. Also hallucinations would rely on this mechanism.

  2. MB has very large layers, there is even evidence that galactic magnetic field is in contact with personal MB (personal MB could have flux tubes inside flux tubes of galactic magnetic field). Since magnetic field in Maxwellian world extends to infinity and since in TGD systems have field identity (field body/MB), one can even image that there are connections to distant civilizations with very weak magnetic field strengths at corresponding flux tubes carrying dark matter.

    These connections could make possible a genuine sharing of sensory experiences and the encounters with ETs and alike could be genuine remote meetings! We might have these encounters during sleep quite routinely but would not remember anything since the sensory information would stop at the third eye! Only during dreams situation might change but also now sensory input would be virtual and represent imaginations.

Remark: I have told many times that I am working intensely and close my eyes lightly, I see a dim flow consisting of points and resembling an incompressible hydrodynamic flow. There are vortices and the flow goes back and forth. The flow lines are mathematically equivalent with field lines of a magnetic field in Maxwell's theory and in TGD with flux tubes of MB in 1-1 correspondence with the points of the flow. Could this be seeing MB with the "third eye"?

For a summary of earlier postings see Latest progress in TGD.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting. Just last week my sister randomly showed up with a book about DMT "The Spirit Molecule" and said some guy gave it to her but she's not into that sort of thing. I once smoked some DMT a few years ago with a friend and we both describe the feeling as "being dead" and I would not really like to dry it again, it made me feel like my viewpoint dislocated from my body and turned into an inverted fishbowl hovering in the center of the room. Normalcy returned after just a few minutes.

Re: the hydrodynamic flow. sometimes I also get this... do you think we could be sensing blood flowing in the capillaries of our eyes?

However, im not so sore thats all it is. In the evenings, if I smoke a little marijuana I can see what looks like energy flows (usually purple flickering) that take on the geometric outlines of the objects they flow thru.. such as around trees, and houses and such.. maybe these are UV biophotons?

Matti Pitkänen said...

Capillary explanation would be more prosaic. I am personally skeptic about it. Why I would see them? A second explanation is that I see pattern of my own brain activity: not very convincing either. I first had this experience as much stronger experience lasting for a long time when I was sick: around 1985 I think. For good reasons I called this Great Experience.

It gave inspiration for TGD inspired theory of consciousnes since I wanted to understand what it was. My former conventional physicist's world view was totally shattered. I have described this in the link of the posting.http://tgdtheory.fi/public_htl/articles/greatexperiene.pdf .

Visual perceptive field would involve the ordinary contribution from external world and the additional hallucinatory/psychedelic contribution, which might have come through the pineal gland, "third eye". Hallucinations could be imaginations getting through the pineal gland thanks to DMT but usually only during dreams since they would interfere in dangerous manner with the ordinary perception.

Visible and UV radiation is the energy range for biophotons. Dark photons that I speak of have non-standard value of Planck constant h_eff=n*h. Their coherence length is n times larger than for ordinary photons, this is essential for macroscopic quantum coherence in living matter. All particles can be in this kind of states and is dark matter in TGD sense. This dark matter would be key to the understanding of living matter: it would control ordinary biomatter.

Anonymous said...

I got the sense it wasn't simply seeing blood vessels as well. Interesting. About the field lines you see, could they be related to the Monge-Ampère equation ?

https://www.encyclopediaofmath.org/index.php/Monge-Amp%C3%A8re_equation ?


Matti Pitkänen said...

In TGD field equations for extremals are second order partial differential equations assigned with a system in which induced metric and induced Kahler form expressed in terms of imbedding space coordinates appear. The equations are pretty well-understood physically.

A very large class of solutions are minimal surfaces being separately extremals of Kahler action (action in sum of Kahler action and volume term). This because dynamics reduces to holomorphy as in string models for both parts of action. These correspond to quantum criticality and analog of conformal invariance: dynamics is universal and does not depend on Kahler copling strength. Minimal surfaces are 4-D analogs of light-like geodesics.

More general solutions are thee coupled to four-D Kahler force defined by the surface itself. Generalization of equations of motion for a article moving in gauge field is in question. In asymptotic regions (external particles arriving to interaction region defined by causal diamond) the internal Kaehler force vanishes in equilibrium and one has analog of free massless geodesic motion.

Monge-Ampere has clearly a strong geometric flavour, without geometric starting point equations would look totally crazyt by its extrene non-linearity. The appearance of determant of quadratic form D^2u looks means non-linearity in second order derivatives ad looks vert strange at first sight.

This must correspond to the determinant of second fundamental form for codimension 1 surface for which one can locally take the normal coordinate to be a function of remaining n-1 coordinates. Maybe the determinant term describes the determinant of the second fundamental form of the boundary of a codimension 1 convex surface: about convex surfaces Wikipedia article indeed talks about.

Minimal surface equation and field equations of TGD are linear in second order partial derivatives. They are essentially the generalization of massless d'Alembert wave equations. Now the *trace* of second fundamental form vanishes. In MA the *determinant* of second fundamental form equals to something depending on problem considered.