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Mice in magnetic fields

I received from Donald Adams a highly interesting link relating to the effects of magnetic field on mice. The claims of the article seem sensational. I do not know whether to trust on the claimed findings since from the viewpoint of TGD inspired quantum biology seem to be too good to be true. I attach a piece of article here reprinted from: Exotic Research Report (V3N1, Jan/Feb/Mar 1999) Magnetism ... A Natural Form of Energy by Walter C. Rawls Jr..

1. How animals dramatically change in relation to magnetic field exposure?

Twelve mice were placed in a cage to be used as controls (untreated). Another twelve mice were placed in a separate cage with exposure to the South pole field of a 2,000 gauss magnet, and the last twelve were put in a cage exposed to the North pole energies of a like magnet. An equal number of males and females were put in each cage. Exposure time was two months.

The untreated control mice behaved and functioned as normal mice. Without exception, the South pole mice slowly became very messy in their housekeeping, their appetites increased, they engaged in sex more, and their offspring were larger than those of the controls. Also, as time passed, they became mentally slow, loosing sensitivity to sound and light changes in the laboratory. Their young were difficult to teach the customary tests; they were lazy, listless, careless and very dirty in appearance.

The North pole mice became very neat and tidy, cleaning themselves frequently. They also became extremely sensitive to any noise or light variations in the laboratory. Their offspring were smaller than those of the controls. They were mentally superior to the controls and out performed the South pole young by several hundred percent in all phases of natural behavior.

The South pole mice were larger, grew faster, matured sooner, and mated continually. They also died earlier than their control counterparts. The North pole mice matured slower and lived 45 to 50 percent longer than the controls. They were also mentally superior to the controls and several hundred percent smarter than the South pole mice. They were much less frequent with sexual behavior than the South pole treated mice and less than the controls.

Rats were the next test subjects, and the results were the same as the findings with the mice. Rabbits and later cats were tested, again the results were the same as with the mice. These experiments are facts of the results of actual controlled experiments and are not theories or ideas. Anyone wishing to do so can reproduce these experiments.

Can we now program man to be more physical or mental, depending on the need of society? Based on our findings from these early experiments, we believe man can be conditioned in a like manner and his life expectancy extended far beyond what is now considered to be his three score and ten years.

Remembering that these tests were conducted on the entire body of the animal, could we by placing the North pole of a magnet directly at the center of the brain of larger animals and voluntary human subjects raise the intelligence and sensitivity?

2. Comments about claimed findings from TGD point of view

If true, these findings provide a direct evidence for the notion of magnetic body (MB) central in TGD inspired theory of consciousness and quantum biology. MB would use biological body as a motor instrument and sensory receptor and serves as an intentional agent. One could understand the findings as being due the loss of the control of the behavior performed by magnetic body as the south directed magnetic field is added. North directed magnetic field seems to have opposite effect.

The fields used are rather strong: the strength is 2 Tesla, by a factor of 10,000 stronger than the endogenous magnetic field Bend=.2 Gauss playing key role in TGD based quantum biology. This field has been assumed to define lower bound for the endogenous magnetic field strengths but it seems that also weak field strengths are possible down to the values where cyclotron energies of dark photons are proportional to heff ∝ m (and thus do not depend on mass of the charged particle and are universal) become smaller than thermal energy at physiological temperature.

2.1 Paramagnetic effect as strengthening of the coupling between MB and biological body?

The explanation for the effects could be that paramagnetic effect occurs and depending on the direction of the applied field increases or reduces the coupling of brain to Schumann resonances. The MB of the water and thus of living organisms and of their parts are indeed proposed to entrain with the Schumann resonances of the Earth's magnetic field by resonance coupling. These frequencies would be crucial for the control of biological body by MB.

Why the direction of external magnetic field does affect the situation? Brain contains magnetic molecules organised in the direction of Earth's magnetic field. The external field would tend increase or reduce the strength of these dipoles and the effect would be enhanced/reduced coupling to Schumann resonances for north/south directed external field. This would strengthen/weaken the communications/control by MB - the higher level intentional agent- and lead to the observed effects.

The frequencies of Schumann resonances indeed correspond to EEG resonance frequencies (see this). Callahan found that in the regions, where Schumann resonances are weak, there is a lot of social disorder so that Schumann resonances seem to be essential also for collective consciousness and well-being. Callahan also found that plants growth faster if the soil is paramagnetic.

2.2 The function of magnetite and other magnetic molecules in brain?

The function of magnetic molecules in brain has remained somewhat a mystery. Certainly they help to navigate but the function might be much deeper. Could magnetic molecules would build a stronger connection to the magnetosphere and magnetic body - could one say that they serve the role of antenna. This would be directly visible in EEG for instance. Resonances would be stronger and communications to and control by MB would be more effective.

Wikipedia article about magnetite tells also about the role of magnetite in brain. The text below contains also my comments.

  1. Living organisms can produce magnetite. In humans, magnetite can be found in various parts of the brain including the frontal, parietal, occipital, and temporal lobes, brainstem, cerebellum and basal ganglia. Iron can be found in three forms in the brain – magnetite, hemoglobin (blood) and ferritin (protein), and areas of the brain related to motor function generally contain more iron. Magnetite can be found in the hippocampus associated with information processing, specifically learning and memory.

    Comment: If magnetite would serve only for navigation, it would be probably appear only in some special part(s) of brain.

  2. Hemoblogin and ferritin contain iron. Hemoglobin is however only weakly paramagnetic whereas ferritin (protein!) nanoparticles can be superparamagnetic .

    Comment: What puts bells ringing is that Callahan found the addition of paramagnetic substances in soil to be beneficial for the plant growth by Callahan.

  3. Magnetite can have toxic effects due to its charge or magnetic nature and its involvement in oxidative stress or the production of free radicals. Research suggests that beta-amyloid plaques and tau proteins associated with neurodegenerative disease (Alzherimer) frequently occur after oxidative stress and the build-up of iron.

    Comment: But could the higher level of paramagnetic iron be the reason for Alzheimer or is it due to due to attempt of brain to improve coupling to Schumann resonances and overcome the effects of Alzheimer? Same question has been made also concerning the plaques in axons emerging in Alzheimer (for TGD based model for Alzheimer see this).

2.3 Magnetic healing at the level of organisms and social structures?

Could one consider artificial strengthening of the coupling of brain to Schumann resonances as magnetic healing of not only biological but also social disorders? Could one just add magnetic molecules to brain? One cannot exclude this kind of possibility and it might be possible to test this with animals.

Many of us are well aware about the worsening situation in our society governed by market economy. Many researchers speak even about a possible collapse of our civilization. Also the strength of the magnetic field of Earth is weakening with a rate of 5 per cent per century (see this). Is this mere accident? It would be interesting to see whether something similar has happened for the local magnetic field during the collapses of the earlier civilizations. If there is a connection, could one imagine improving the situation by magnetic healing?

3. Side remark about spectrum of the strengths of Bend

The endogenous magnetic field Bend is in key role in TGD inspired quantum biology but also other field values than Bend are possible. The range of audible frequencies spanning the range 20 to about 20,000 Hz for humans corresponds to 3 orders of magnitude (10 octaves). Bats hear frequencies up to 200,000. This would give range of 4 orders of magnitude if they were able to hear frequencies down to 20 Hz, they are however able to hear only frequencies above 1 kHz. If also frequencies between 10-20 Hz present in EEG in wake-up state are counted, one obtains 4 orders of magnitude.

The spectrum of the magnetic field strengths has been assumed to correlate directly with the frequencies of heard sounds and to make it possible to map the audible frequencies to the frequencies of dark photon cyclotron radiation with the same frequency communicating the sound signal to MB. Note that dark particles correspond to ordinary particles but with non-standard value of Planck constant heff=n× h0, h= 6× h0. In the case of EEG the values of n are of the order of 1013.

For the most recent view about notion of magnetic body and the role of water entraining to Schumann frequency 60 Hz in the healing of cancer see this.

For a summary of earlier postings see Latest progress in TGD.

Articles and other material related to TGD.


Stephen A. Crowley said...

How many Gauss is a mobile phone or wifi 2.4gh or 5ghZ signal? Are the fields switched too frequently to have any net effect on the magnetic body? I've sworn for years I can feel these things but it's hard to rule out psycho-somatic effects

Matti Pitkänen said...

I must admit that I do not know about the field strengths associated with these signals. Certainly they are rather weak much weaker than 2 Tesla of above experiment whih is very strong. The effect of periodic signals does not however depend much on intensity: for instance, cancer healing effect were obtained for signals in nanoTesla range. It is frequency which matters. Magnetic body (MB) of water entrains on external frequency and important control and communication frequency between MB and biology body is lost and leads to problems.

The effect of alternating magnetic fields (em fields in general) would be at certain frequencies which would correspond to the cyclotron frequencies assignable to the magnetic body water/biological body. MB can however tune these fequences acting like aradio set.

The mechanism is simple. The flux tube carry conserved magnetic flux not changed when the thickness changes. Hence B can be varied by varying the flux tube. This in turn changes the cyclotron frequency and in this manner the MB can go to resonance by tuning the frequency to the same frequency. We would be living radio sets, in particular our brain would be so.

The signals at GHz range have much higher frequency that the signals in the Hz range but also they could have effects. Electron' cyclotron frequency and dark electrons could be involved. For electron B_end=.2 Gauss which is important value of B_end the cyclotron frequence would be 0.6 MHz. The field giving rise to GHz frqeuency should be of about 10,000 stronger, of order Tesla.

The amplitude of frequency modulation of GHz signal by audible frequences gives however rise to audible frequencies that our brain hears in radio waves at say GHz as the intensity varies periodically. Also magnetic body - in particular that of water - could tune to the modulation frequencies.

In amplitude modulation the intensity of fast varying signal varies periodically and slowly. Also frequency modulation can have same effect: out of resonance - into resonance periodically create the period effect and to this MB entrains by above mechanism. This could be a possible mechanism for the reported negative effects (such as cancer) of mobile phones on brain.