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What bio-teleportation could mean?

Below is a comment from a discussion about teleportation. How to make teleportation a more realistic notion? What bio-teleportation could mean?

Teleportation uses all information needed to code the quantum state of the system to be teleported and then transfers this information to distant target where it is used to rebuild the system from basic building bricks existing there. The amount of information is huge.

Quantum entanglement increases this information exponentially from what it would be classically: recently this has been proposed as an argument against practical realization of quantum computation.

How could one transform teleportation ideas to something more realistic?

  1. One can argue that in living matter quantum entanglement is not at all free. TGD leads to the notion of negentropic entanglement: entanglement coefficients are in extension of rationals (algebraic numbers ). This allows to speak about p-adic entanglement entropy. The p-adic entropies can be non-positive telling that entanglement carries information - about the relationship of the entangled systems. One identification for conscious experienced associated with this kind of entangled relationship is as experience of love.

    Could the condition that entanglement is negentropic in this sense, reduce the number of possible entangled configurations to a more reasonable number?

  2. One can of course challenge the idea that one should transfer all the information needed to construct the state. One could provide just the needed prerequisites for the system to do it it itself: that is to self-organise and evolve to the state. In biology genes seems to be this prerequisite.

Transferring all information is not realistic. What can one transfer?. Could one just transfer just the property of being living in the sense that we understand it? Or perhaps transfer some constraints to the outcome of the spontaneously occurring evolution generated by the signal.
  1. Metabolic energy feed is certainly one prerequisite. It is needed to create state with larger value of heff carrying able to build rather stable negentropic entanglement carrying conscious information. This problem disappears if the target receives energy in some form, say from star near it. The signal sending the needed information could have large value of heff (consist of dark photons) and provide the needed energy and do it with precisely desired manner so that the induced evolution might be much faster.

  2. The transfer of biological life seems hopelessly complicated task. Biomolecules are extremely complex. TGD however leads to a proposal that so called dark genetic code with proton triplets providing representations for DNA and RNA codons, amino-acids, tRNA, is universal: dark proton sequences are dark nuclei with reduced binding energy. What is highly non-trivial that the model predicts correctly the vertebrate genetic code. Model has also strong empirical basis based on on findings of Pollack.

    Dark nuclei realize genetic code and define the dramatically simpler dynamics - dark variant of nuclear physics - behind extremely complex shadow dynamics of biochemistry. Dark nuclear physics would serve as the template for bio-chemistry and all basic processes like replication, transcription, and translation would have very simple templates at the level of dark nuclear physics. One should reconstruct the dark variants of basic biomolecules using genetic information and the system at the second end would do the rest.

    Something like this could indeed happen in the experiments of Montagnier et al and Gariaev discussed from TGD point of view here.

  3. How could one communicate the needed information over long distances? Radiation would be needed and it should be highly negentropic - dark photons - to provide metabolic energy at the same time. I have proposed what I call bio-harmony - it turns out to provide a realization of genetic code (something highly non-trivial as also the dark realization of genetic code) - allowing to assign to dark codons 3-chords consisting of light (or even sound).

    This would allow coding of DNA to 3-chords of dark photons allowing the transfer of genetic information along long distances to receiver, which could be water: could this induce generation of dark proton sequences by Pollack effect, creating dark copies of the original dark genes. These in turn could eventually lead to a generation of life as we know as biochemistry would develop around them. One might be however forced to wait for some billion years! If the dark proton sequences can be constructed as precise copies of original this process could become must faster.

  4. How to translate the pattern of dark photons 3-chords back to a sequence dark proton triplets?

    An antenna, which can send, can also receive. The reception would be time reversal of the process of sending and generate the desired dark proton sequence but only in ZEO allowing time reversals of topological quantum computations inducing processes at the level of ordinary matter as shadow processes (bio-chemistry would be shadow dynamics induced by the much simpler dynamics of dark proton sequences realizing dark variants of basic biomolecules and realizing genetic code).

    Could this work? I have considered here the ZEO based idea that motor actions in very general senses including also DNA transcription etc.. are realized using the time reversal of the reverse of motor action as a template realized at magnetic body and inducing the motor action at the level of ordinary matter. These time reversals would be realized as braiding patterns for magnetic flux tubes, topological quantum computer programs. State function reduction changing the arrow of clock time would be essential and would be possible in ZEO but not in standard quantum theory. The essential point is that one does not send 3-D pattern, but entire 4-D pattern, process. ZEO makes this possible.

    This picture is possible only in TGD framework ( the notion of magnetic body implied by many-sheeted space-time, dark matter as a hierarchy of heff=n× h0 phases, and ZEO).

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